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Seat works in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by demuire, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting a seat "redone" in Brisbane? I've just bought a Versys and it's too tall, so I want to get my seat re sculptured lower.

    Have heard lots of previous recommendations for Andrew at TwoWheelTrimming and John Moore in Capalaba, and in fact spoke to Andrew about a year ago about getting this seat done. However Andrew doesn't do seats anymore, and I can't get in touch with John (emailed, called, no reply). Andrew's agreed to do my seat for me, but it's a bit of a wait and I'm having a lot of trouble getting onto him (no email, and I get through to him on the phone about once every 20 odd phone calls...)

  2. Did you use "Motorcycle Seats" as the subject line for your email to John?

    Due to the huge amount of spam mail received in recent times we have installed filters
    that will automatically delete all mail NOT showing the subject line "Motorcycle Seats".

    His numbers are mobile (0419 730 589) work phone (07 – 3245 3979).

    Not enough posts to be able to post a url but do a google on powerup and maddoggy.

    He was the one recommended to me, but I still haven't contacted him yet.[/quote]
  3. Just got a return call from John, YAY :)
  4. How's the new seat? :grin:
  5. Just had the seat done today, John's great - friendly, and certainly knows what he's doing. The new seat is much firmer (stock seat was very soft), and feels like it's shaped just for me.

    Surprisingly, even though comparing the old one and the new one shows a drop in almost 2 inches, it doesn't actually *feel* that much lower. I'm more or less comfortably on my toes with both feet now, where's before I could only really tip toe one foot. It's not as low as I was hoping it would get, but I think it's low enough. John recons once the foam "breaks in" it'll drop another 10-15mm.

    Am yet to do a "big" ride, so can't comment too much on the comfort yet, however so far it feels just fine :)
  6. Apologies for the thread necromancy, but anyone know if Two Wheel Trimming is still operating? They're not responding to phone calls or emails...

  7. Was just wondering if John does reupholstering? Wanted to get my seat recovered.