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Seat Upholstering

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by doonx, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know where I could get the seat on my ZZR re-upholstered to add a reasonable amount of padding to the seat ? My butt gets a flat spot and as I intend to do a number of longer hauls I'd like a little more tush-comfort.

  2. OZ Trim in Ringers would be the go ....ask for Bazz
    1/2 Olive Gr Ringwood VIC 3134
    ph: (03) 9870 2747 Motor Body Trimmers..opp Bike Mart
  3. If you want a first rate job I recommend John Moorehouse Ergo seats. Brisbane Sydney return down in one day and returned 2 days later no sore bum and could have comfortably ridden further. He doesn't come cheap though, $440 for my Bandit. The other problem is you're in Melbourne and he is in Capalaba, Brisbane. Phone 0732453979 or mob. 0419 730 589. I had a spare seat and he used that seat base to work on. He ships to USA so Melb. should be ok.
  4. I have friends in Capalaba ;), but Ringwood sounds quite convenient
  5. I had the seat on my XV250 rebuilt totally by a chap in Altona for the exorbitant (not) price of $50. I'd recommend him to anyone - PM me for his details.