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Seat upholsterer/shaving in sydney

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by khughes, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    my wife and I got our L's last weekend, and our bike finally arrived, a BMW G650GS.. My wife is 5ft2in, and we wanted a dual sport style bike that would do us both through our L's and P's and that she could keep a long time (going on road trips etc..)

    when we started looking, we went out to the bmw dealers, and had a sit on the new G650GS's in the showroom etc. My wife was easily dwarfed by the standard bike (she could only just tippy-toe one foot, but wasn't able get the bike up), but we found that there was a low suspension option as well as a low seat option. Managed to find a dealer with a low suspension option (30mm lower, so with a seat height of 750mm), this bike was much better, she could atleast tippy toe both feet, and struggle to get the bike up straight. The dealer assured us that there was a low seat option that would make the bike height perfect for her.

    we ended up deciding to buy a standard height bike, get a factory low seat.. found a nice ex-demo down in Albury and put down a deposit.. and tried to order the low seat.. of course, it turns out one doesn't exist (the standard seat is referred to as "low" in the context of the higher Dakar model apparently). After a couple of Oh-$h*t moments, i came across an aftermarket seat made by a German company Wunderlich. Found a dealer, took the easy option and ordered one (for much less than i could get overseas for once!).. it was going to take 3 weeks to come, but so was the bike.

    long story short.. the Bike arrived, so did the seat, put the seat on the bike to find that it isn't any shorter.. compared the 2 seats, and although the wunderlich seat is different (and in my opinion not as well fitting as the BMW) it isn't any lower.. I have been sending through pictures to the seat dealer, and it sounds like wunderlich won't be in any hurry to return the correct seat (assuming i can convince them they sent the wrong one..) meaning another 4 week + wait, my wife was dissapointed enough that she couldn't have a go of her new bike when it arrived.. i would be murdered in my sleep if i suggested she had to wait another 1-2 months!

    I have decided to can the seat, return it and look at getting the OEM seat modified to fit my wife.

    Can anyone recommend anyone in Sydney that can re-sculpture, recover etc. motorbike seats? How does the whole custom seat process work? do they need you, the bike and the seat for measuring? or do they just take so much out of the seat and give it a generic shape? (in which case i can probably send it interstate if need be)

    taking 3cm out of the seat, i would imagine may cause a lot more vibration and discomfort to transfer to the seat, is there anything that i should get built into the seat to counteract this (read that the gel seats are bad as they absorb heat and retain it for a long time, not good for summer)

    Lastly, how much should i be expecting to pay to have this done?

    Any ideas or Tips? i did try searching, but only found references to other states

    Thanks Guys
  2. I just had 25mm cut out of my Husky seat at an upholsterer in Artarmon,it was a very simple job at $70,but for the best job I would send it to John Moorehouse in Queensland.
    He widened and sculptured my Laverda seat and did a fantastic job for approx $250 including postage back to Sydney,put some tape where she sits nice and forward to get weight on the fork and in a comfy spot and write a letter describing what you want and Bobs your uncle,have a look at his website and give him a ring to discuss.She must be so pissed off waiting for this.
  3. aarggh.. I foolishly waited another month and a half for them to get another seat in from Germany.. it was exactly the same height as the one they originally sent, and the original BMW seat. The distributor made some comment that they have changed manufacturers and must have "updated the design".. all the pictures in their catalogues (even 2011) show the "old" one.

    Getting a refund now and going to get it done by someone locally.. moral of the story.. don't trust Wunderlich and there is no available proper "low" seat option now for the BMW F650GS (G650GS)
  4. Zim,

    can you tell me which upholster in artarmon? i work in St Leonards.. i could even pluck up the courage to ride the bike to them :), i would be worried (especially now) that by sending it away, we wouldn't get the height or shape reduction we would want.. or are the bike upholsterers pretty good at guessing?

    i am after a 1" seat height drop, but more importantly, my wife needs a thinner sadle as it seems it is the width that is causing her not to get her feet down
  5. Have you sorted it out yet khughes? I had my seat reupholstered yesterday in Alexandria. Cost me $110. Dropped it off in the morning and then picked it up in the afternoon.
  6. Don't know there name or address but they are on the last street heading away from the city in the Artarmon industrial area,on the side of the street closest to the city and halfway down the block.There a car upholster place with a street access driveway
  7. Hi,

    I bought exactly the same bike about 2 years ago with a standard seat. Since I'm 6'6" I needed a tall seat and I found Motohansa in Sydney was willing to sell me the regular seat (probably from the wreckers) and then re-shape to my requirements and re-upholster it. All that for a reasonable price in my opinion. So you could contact them if you need a specific seat.
    Alternatively you can have a look at my custom tall seat, since I just sold my bike with the standard seat and I'm now selling the tall seat.