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Seat reupholstering

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by typhoon, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Just curious as to how much you guys have paid/ would pay for a seat recover.

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. DIY?

    Go buy yourself a staple gun and some decent material from an upholstery store (or spotlight if your on the cheap) and do it yourself.

    A word of warning... don't use white. :wink:
  3. Actually, I was loking into setting up a part time business redoing bike seats, and was wondering what people have paid, and would expect to pay. If I can make money out of it, I will see how it goes.
    I know how much I have charged before, but wanted to see what was out there. If I can be competitive with postage on teh price, it may happen!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. What would is cost to have a ZZR-250 seat re-upholstered in Black Marine Vinyl????? I live in Sydney!
  5. If i were going to pay for seat repair, i would happily part with $100 for the seats (both) on my zxr.
    If you were repadding as well, maybe a little more.

    That would seem fair to me. More than that and i would be DIY-ing it.
  6. I just got an old honda seat done by an auto trimmer and it cost me $55 he said most older bikes are around that but it get's expensive when you start playing with Harley seats and newer sportsbikes.
  7. just need to make sure you get it done by the right person. Try someone that specialises in automotive..
  8. I work for the company that makes the marine seating vinyl. Most of the material in the shops is wholesale from us to them (except from the imported stuff that we compete with). The stuff is reasonably cheap but we add a considerable margin and so do the distributors. You can pay up to about $50 metre for some of the higher grade and obscure colours e.g maroon, electric blue, sunshine yellow, etc and no before you ask I can't get any black vinyl, not even seconds, against company policy...:cry:...
  9. i'd pay $50 for both my seats. (i was told that's about how much it would cost, since i'm about to get it done)

  10. I was quoted $125 for a pillion CBR250 seat.
    Hence the reson it never got done, only had a 1cm split in it.
  11. Mine seems to be slightly concave, and the vinyl was kinda glued to the padding under neath - its this concave bit that has come away - feels like it needs to be injected with glue or something - is this possible?
  12. I had a truck seat done for $200. That was full upholstery and all new padding. 10 times better than when it was new.

    I'd hope the little seat off my bike would be well under $100
  13. I got a quote from a guy in Melbourne that specialises in seat recovering (years of experience) & re-foaming and was told it starts at $150 for a custom foam job and custom re-cover.

    I have a single seat on my F4i and want to change the padding to reduce the numb ass I get after 2 hours or so on the road. I also want the front of the pillion seat raised in the middle to stop the pillion sliding forward.

    I think $150+ is more than fair if you want something different, seeings a Corbin seat is over $450+ Australian.
  14. Does recovering a seat include the sponge or is it just the vinyl cover?
  15. The quote I got was for both to be done. He has a good web site too, so you can get an idea of what you want done...

  16. I paid $70 for a simple black marine vinyll recovering at a motor trimmers.
    Made the bike look like new again! :cool: