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Seat recline on planes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. So there is a bit of a travel whinge thread going on the SMH site. What has suprised me a little is the number of people whinging about people in front of them on the plane reclining their seat.

    I must have missed the memo on this, but apparently some people get really angry about this.

    I personally see it as my seat and thus mine to recline.


  2. On long haul flights in the cattle section, when the seat in front reclines, it sortta sits in your lap!!..... what little room you did have is automatically halved!!...

    Also, when meals are served, all passengers are asked to move their seats to the upward position (maybe 'cos the trays would slip onto the laps of those trying to eat behind!!)...I dunno!!...

    No point in getting pi$$ed with the guy in front tho!, it's an issue of design & space.
  3. It's polite to turn around and alert the person behind you that you are about to put the seat back. I have had people rapidly recline their seat into my knees, which was not very pleasant. I also think that if you are reclining your seat on a flight that has a flight time of less than an hour then you are a selfish jerk.
  4. See this is what suprises me. I'm by no means a recliner when driving or sitting at work, but I just find the default plane seat angle ridiculous. As soon as the plane is up in the air I put it back one notch, because the standard position is just unnatural.
  5. Can't say I gave it much thought until my recent flight back from the US behind someone who went full recline ASAP for entire duration of long haul.

    'twas a bit much.

    If you are sleeping, sure, but watching movies etc, wouldn't a notch or two do?

    Also I was next to an enormously fat person. Lucky I had some benzos.
  6. I guess it's because there is so little space to start with, I'm no giant but at 189cm I'm not a midget either. As soon as someone puts their seat back it usually touches my knees, which means I have to move them to the side which either puts them in the aisle or into the legspace of the person next to me. Either way I end up inconveniencing other people through no fault of my own, this is what I find irritating.
  7. This is prob the only time I ever got annoyed about it on long haul flight, when trying to eat once had person in front on full recline. Tray still lies flat but you have their top of seat sort of leaning over your food, kinda like trying to eat with your head stuck in a corner cupboard!

    Business Class FTW.
  8. I'm fine with the person in front reclining theirs, as long as they put it back up during meals and that they either let me know or just recline it slowly rather than instantly. And I try to extend the same courtesy to those behind me. I also usually don't go 100% of the available range unless either the person behind me has done so already or the seat behind me is empty.

    Like everything, it's about good manners, but there's good manners implicit in our expectations about what other people do with their seats as well as in what we do with ours...
  9. If that last sentence is too subtle: I agree with the OP, some of the expectations expressed in comments on that SMH article were OTT.

  10. +1 if i want more space i recline my chair too
  11. personally, reclining or leaving it upright makes a lick of difference in comfort!

    i for one, do not recline and loathe the person in front that insists on doing so without first giving me a heads-up.

    seriously, having the screen closer than it already is when upright just plain sux!

    from memory, i think, the time or two that it has happened, i have tapped their shoulder and expressed my situation.
  12. i think that people complaining about this need to move on to bigger issues

    I travel for work frequently (every 2nd week) and could not care less if the person in front reclines their seat
  13. Just keep moving your knee behind them if they recline their seat without telling you and not apologizing...it can be a nuisance during long hauls...like a kid kicking the back of the seat but subtle.
  14. I absolutely hate it. I'm more than 190 cm and need glasses for close-ups. Can't see the screen when it is in my face!
  15. Whilst I acknowledge what you say mate, I have to ask : When you do travel to work, how long are your flights ? Are they Domestic (1-4hrs) or International (5-16hrs) ?

    I only ask as I have on occasion 'had' to succumb to an Economy Seat during my travels back/forth Hong Kong to Melbourne (9hr flight time), during my days off. I discount the fact here that I normally have the best seat in the house (pointy end), but as a passenger it can be rather frustrating having a passenger shove their seat back into your face unannounced shortly after climb, without even a warning.

    Considering I'd travel regularly from Hong Kong-Australia (and vice versa) and the fact I have been spending most of my life either operating an aircaft (no stress being up front :)) or being a passenger (whilst not in Business Class), it makes a HELL of a difference if that seat ahead is positioned as mentioned above !
    The seat pitch on Economy aircraft is not generous (with most airline cabin configurations), with the seat back in front being close enough, even when fully upright. Sliding downwards on an already uncomfortable seat (again, relating to long-haul flights) and tilting the head sideways to watch a movie on the IFE screen, or merely to try and get some sleep is NOT an enjoyable experience.

    As mentioned above, I too have no qualms in 'tapping' someone's shoulder and politely requesting them to move their seat a little forward. Most kindly oblige - it's only fair in terms of passenger comfort.

    Each to their own, but common courtesy and a little 'etiquette' in this area assists in many passengers' satisfaction & comfort apart from a single person's stubborn selfishness. Heck, EVERYONE on board the aircraft paid for comfort, service and safety also.

    My 2 cents from a number of years of personal experience/observation.
    But please do NOT start me on other pet hates that I witness passengers doing, during my 'backseat' travels !