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Seat Maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by flashfire, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Just wondering what product/s to use on my bike's leather seat to keep it unweathered and happy - leather conditioner, armourall, scotchguard etc?

  2. Amourall is a good spray for plastics and vinyls etc but it does make the surfaces really slippery. You'll almost slide off the back of the bike if you accelerate hard and don't hold on, I'm not kidding.

    I still use it though as it gives a nice finish and seems to do the trick, I just make sure I hold on tight and try not to wear jeans for a couple of days after.

    Oh, incase you need to be told - do not, ever, even if someone you trust suggests it, ever, put any spray on your tyres. Yes they will shine and yes you will slide A over T.

  3. General leather cleaner/ conditioner should do the trick.
  4. Very few bike seats are actually leather, most are synthetic.

    If your seat is dirty, just wipe down with a damp chamois.

    Applying products wont do much good to synthetics unless
    they have a UV absorber additive in them, but beware it may
    make the seat slippery.

    If you want your seat to stay in good nic, then just keep it out of the sun.
  5. I've got leather on my Corbin seat. I use Dubbin. :D
  6. Thanks guys.

    I think mine is either leather or faux leather. Is grainy and soft like leather. Am not game to sniff it to see if it really is leather though - don't know where that seat has been prior to my purchasing the bike. :)

    Any ideas on how I can determine what the seat is actually made from?
  7. If it is stock standard with the bike, a shop or supplier can tell you.
    In my case I had mine recovered at a motor vehicle trimmer. I asked re the pros and cons of leather versus vinyl lookalike and chose leather with the understanding that it is higher maintenance and needs the Dubbin to keep it in good condition.

    A motor trimmer could probably say whether it is leather.
  8. armour all is a death trap :shock: looks great and saves your plastic, but for what its worth, i'd prefer to have my seat recovered every few years :wink:

    nothing like sliding all over your seat for a few days after using it eh :LOL:

    and yeah, dont touch the tyres. if you want them shiny that bad, buy some new ones. ask voodsy about that one :LOL:
  9. You could just apply more black gaffa tape once a year. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. You could try some leather care products from a saddlery. Most horse gear is leather, and so a saddlery will have a great range that specialises in cleaning, protection and appearance, with out making it slippery at all.
  11. i washed my seat with armourall (?) UV protective stuff and yes it was slippery for a few days:D

    but it doesnt slip anymore.. probably wont do that ever again :p nothing like feeling the accelleration taking off at lights... moving back and forwards whooosh!
  12. This time I have some serious input. Armourall make a 'cleaner' as 'opposed' to protectant that I use on my cage and it works a treat (even takes grease out of the seat in 1/2 a second). It doesn't seem as slippery on my dash as the protectant. I've not used it on the bike as yet so I don't know if it'll give the same slippery dip results as the protectant. Has anyone else tried this on their seat?
  13. I bought a sheepy hollow, take it off and wash it once a month and voila, clean new seat :)
  14. I can't understand why you guys are worried about ArmourAll making the seat slippery. I find that it is excellent in helping me slide from side to side while hanging crazily off the saddle in the twisty bits!!

    Seriously, a genuine seat will NOT be leather, it's way too expensive and not weather proof.