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Seat is too low! How do you fix it?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ice_Prophecy, May 22, 2007.

  1. Hello every1, I'm new to the whole wonderful world of motorbike riding ^^.
    I completed my QRIDE course 3 weeks ago and purchased a used 1999 Yamaha FZX250 Zeal (only 24000km on the clock too and no strange oil splurting out the muffler when i put a paper behind it and reved it to 10k rpm)

    I guess this brings me to the problem, I think the stock seat height from ground is 735mm, and when I sit on the bike with both feet on the ground, my knees are bent (welll bent-ish). When I start moving it feels like my feet could drag along on its side (I do the whole, right foot on pegs, and left foot for balance to start moving).

    Do I need to just take off faster and bring my left foot up, or is there a way to make the bike a little higher? (even a few cm i reckon will make it feel better)

    ps: on the side note, with the bike this low, i feel a lot more safe with the seat this low compared to the bikes i practiced in qride)

    Thanks anyways

  2. increase your rear preload. that will stiffen up ur rear and therefore less sag
  3. Could get seat padded out more. Worth doing properly so its ultra comfy :)
  4. Raise rear preload for mine....
  5. ok thankyou ^^
  6. I have seen this trait with other learner riders. It has nothing to do with the seat height, more the inability to take off confidently and raise your feet onto the pegs quickly. I'm no expert but you should when stopped leave your right foot on the peg covering the rear brake, the left foot should be down holding the bike up. When you take off, do it briskly so there is more stability and with your right leg already on the peg raise your left leg up as you take off. Take off really slowly and your going to find it hard to balance the bike and will subconsciously try and put your feet back on the ground.
  7. Yea I noticed that. Now that im a week into riding indepedently, I'm getting more confident with my takeoff and so its becoming less of an issue. I reckon as i get used to it, its better to have the bike lower anyways, it feels like i can take more weight of the bike on my legs to keep it balance.

    ...now i just gotta remember to turn on fuel tap when Im riding O_O