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Seat height

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ibast, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Both feet flat on the ground

  2. One foot flat, balls of other

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  3. Balls of both feet

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  4. One foot only

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  1. I was having a shower moment wondering how most people find their bikes seat height.

    Everyone's going to be different, but it should give an indication average to average.

  2. my cruiser easy two feet flat on the ground.

    my trail bike is another matter.......................at first all I could do was toes only and since I cut down the seat I can ball/flat one side or balls both side :LOL:

    When I mount the trail bike, I get on it like a horse (with the stand down on the ground) and the stand can leave the ground after I have put weight on it.
    Micky was very impressed with my athleticism and was inspired (before is crash) to get a taller bike :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Heheh "Balls" :LOL:
  4. I can get both feet flat.... just... :grin:
  5. Being a cruiser, my bike is low so I get both feet flat on the ground with knees bent. Being 6' 2" though I haven't really had much of an issue getting feet on the ground with any bike I've ridden :grin:
  6. I think there's a confidence thing involved.

    When I first started riding, I was terrified that I'd fall over stationary, wasn't used to the weight of the bike. I felt safest having my feet flat on the ground to the extent of having my knees bent as much as possible too, so had the suspension put way low.

    As I got more comfortable with the bike, I needed less of that reassurance. Now, I could probably put the suspension up by 2 notches and STILL have my feet flat on the ground.

    I reckon the bike would probably appreciate a raise in suspension too :p
  7. i have to admit on the MT01 i just get both feet flat... just though
    im about 175cm tall as well but then i got a 85+kg frame lol so i think that helps haha :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Had to go out and measure - and it's flat feet. The gixxef (for 'GSXF' if 'gixxer' is 'GSXR') is taller than the Spada and I find myself tippytoing if I'm trying to back it or something but I can still get both feet flat comfortable for just sitting there or lights or whatever.
  9. wow i'm a 5%er...
  10. I've heard you called other things :LOL:

  11. on word...


    I leaned it from woodsy while discussing woodsy jr... :wink:
  12. Only one foot on the Soupy Dork. Both feet on the ground is for learners and the paranoid only. For some reason an obsession for girls, regardless of their height.

    *running for cover*
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. 'cos they already spend enough time with both feet in the air :eek:
  15. I'm a balls of feet person.. which means I have to be careful as the bike weighs about 200kg, and already damaged myself stopping it from falling over.
  16. On the poll theres no provision for me to vote " 1 ballet point only " Balls of feet is a dream for me. Yes it does give you more confidence if you can get more of your foot on the ground. Often if I get a strong crosswind at traffic lights and the bike lurches to one side ( usually the side where I cant even touch at all) it can be a brown pants moment. :shock:
  17. gotta have both feet flat on the ground to feel comfortable....bit of a security thing....
  18. both feet flat. it was almost my prime condition when choosing my 600. it boiled down to monster (too expensive); SV650 (decided against the V); hornet600 - very happy with thank you very much :cool:
  19. Maybe so on the road, but it's very useful to be able to do it if you find yourself having to reverse when manouvring in a tight space. Particularly if there's a bit of an adverse slope.

    The R1100 lets me get both feet flat on the deck if I need to (188 cm, 115 kg), although on the road I'll generally use just one. Which one varies based on circumstances but I tend to favour the right.
  20. not sure it's just a 'girl' thing......but i'm not gunna bite......

    and i don't really think it's just about being for learners and paranoid - i think its a real safety issue. perhaps i'll change my mind as i get more experienced i'll be different. but i think with the cagers and other dangerous things on the road i'm better off reducing the risks as much as i can.

    so, perhaps its a combination of height, experience, training, practice etc......

    but, i'm still gunna restrict myself to both feet flat for some time :)