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Seat cowl for a 06 Fireblade

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by edgelett, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. my dad just bought a 2006 Honda Fireblade (the CBR1000RRRRRBRCBRBRBRBRBRBR one)

    and he's decided that since it's HIGHLY unlikely he'll ever get my mum on the back (he doesn't want to take her riding anyway - she'll slow him down!) he's after a rear seat cowl

    he went to Peter Stevens & was quoted $500 for one. So I checked Aus Street fighters online, cheapest price I could get was $330.

    anyone know anywhere I could get an aftermarket seat cowl for this model fireblade? he's not keen on spending too much & is happy to paint it if need be.
  2. He could always just leave the seat on the back. That way he isn't spending a cent. :p I had the same problem. So I opted to keep my seat. No way in hell I am paying $300 for a piece of plastic that small.
  3. I have no idea where to get cheap seat cowls, and yet I still feel the need to contribute to this thread out of bitterness and jealousy.
  4. You're not paying for the plastic... your paying for the 'sex'-factor... what looks better? a cowl of course.... i wouldn't pay that much either, but haven't looked for this model where to source one :(
  5. Look on ebay... 04' - 05' - 06' - 07' all of them are the same.... I have heard that the 600' ones will fit aswell but can not confirm, but I can confirm the above models will fit..... :wink:
  6. G'day everyone,.....

    I don't know why Peter Stevens would charge that much for a rear seat cowl,......I bought mine there and it only cost me $280.

    I've herd of inflation but thats just nuts!!

    Dr Who?
  7. From one Doc to another Doc.... :wink:

    Thats a sick ass paint job........Can U show us the whole bike....???
  8. G'day everyone,.......

    Thanks Dr DRIFT,......
    I'm not sure how I'd go posting a heap of pictures in a thread,....
    Arn't we only allowed to put so many pictures in any thread?
    If you liked that,...your gonna love the rest of the bike!!
    Besides,....I don't want to highjack this thread!
    I'll wait till my membership arives in the mail (any day now) then I'll post the pictures in the photo album.

    Dr Who?
  9. AF2AF3 has an 06 CBR cowl that you could probbaly compare to see if it fits (if it is cheaper than a Blade's cowl?)
  10. G'day everyone,..........

    MG: Not sure about insurance,.....still looking into that.

    Here are some more pictures then.......




    Dr Who?
  11. G'day everyone,.....

    And a last three,.......

    The back of my Skid-Lid.

    The tank.

    Front wheel guard.


    Dr Who?