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Seat covers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by donkey-shlong, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. yo, just a pre-learner nub here with a question on these...
    i'm sure this has probably been gone over at some stage but i cant find it :roll:

    pretty much hope to get ether zxr or cbr250rr when i get my licence, but id also hope to do some long rides.... 'hope'

    so will a seat cover (sheepskin or whatever), help a bit?, or am i skrewed from the riding position? lol,
    eg; would they turn a 2 hour ride into a 4 hour?

    any coments would be appreciated... :grin:
  2. Neither of those bikes are built for long riding really, although i am sure there are people on here who will tell you thay have spent a gazzillion hours in the saddle. If you are looking at doing some long riding and want some wind protection, then you need something like a ZZR.
  3. I think Blue14 is right - if you're going to be spending a full day in the saddle, the sportier 250s might be a little much for you if you're already concerned about comfort. That said, some people tolerate it better than others! A seat cover might help your bum a bit, but I imagine you'll stress your wrists and back a little on longer rides. Depending on your age & fitness, it might be an issue, or you might just be able to live with it. :)

    Pretty hard to say without you having ridden one of those bikes for a good period of time. In my experience, you're fine in the twisty bits; it's the freeway ride home at the end of the day that is the killer! :p
  4. Sheepskin covers is only to really make the seat softer and more comfortable if the seat is really hard. It won't make any difference to your legs, arms, stomach and back muscles because you will still be in the aggressive riding position although it might be easier on your bottom because its softer.
  5. Sheepskin cover will help with 'Numb Bum' Have a read of the site for Sheepy Hollow, might help you make a decision. I've been pillion with a sheepskin cover - Bliss!! and I did my Qride without one - slippin and sliding in wetties, saddle ass at the end of the day.