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seat comfort

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Countess, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Has anyone used an airhawk seat and if so, was it any good? My Guzzi seat is really pretty good, but after 500kms my behind needs a massage!!

  2. never used one myself but a guy on farrider swears by his
  3. any takers???? :rofl: :rofl: :bolt:
  4. I am the FarRider guy, I don't use mine now as I am mostly happy with the stock 1400GTR seat. However I used mine for over 80,000 in the last 2yrs on my other bike my 1000GTR Kawasaki and I LOVE it.
  5. nah davo i was thinking of the guy on the fj1200 that just completed his ss1600
  6. Ahh yes , new member via doing his IBA ride. Thats Russ and he does love it. I stayed with him at Darwin April 2007 but now he is working at Sydney (Navy) but home in Brisbane.
  7. Friend of mine swears by his. He rode Canberra - Mildura -Alice Springs Tennant Creek - Mt Isa- Canberra (on a Harley Fatboy :roll: ) and reckons it was excellent
  8. after 500 clicks, i reckon any bum would need a good rub.
    if ya lucky enough to get one...is a different story.
  9. Yeah, finding someone to do the job can be a problem.

    Thanks all - might give the Airhawk people a call. Are the seats custom fitted to particular models and do they come off for washing etc?
  10. on the cheap

    Airhawk is exxy on the price though.

    One cheaper solution is to unpick the seat covering a little, hop over to Clark rubber, and buy some foam for yoga mats, about 10 mm thick, and add that to the top of the exist foam. Reattach the cover with some staples, and You can ride twice as far easily, for about $10.

    Reshaping most seats a little seems to work as well. A flatter wider seat provides a greater area for your cheeks to rest.
  11. Hi, I am the Airhawk Guy.

    I introduced the Airhawk motorcycle cushions to Australian motorcyclists in Septmber 2000. They are designed with patented medical technology and are light years ahead of gel or foam. They improve circulation and absorb vibration, two major issues for motorcyclists. But don't listen to me, put one to the test and decide yourself with our Risk Free Trial!

    Tom Thornley
    1300 783 128
  12. I seen a bike the other day with the wooden beads seat cover ,like the Taxi driver used to have .

    Looked alittle weird and hard. :? :LOL:
  13. I bet that bike couldnt even find its way to the airport!
  14. If i call now, do I get a free set of steak knives?

  15. I bought a set of bicycle under shorts, not the full on lycra suckers, and they make any ride much more pleasant.
  16. farken tops!

  17. Go and see GEORGE at DELINI LEATHERS. He's a good mate of mine and crazy bout bikes. He can do anything with leathers, and is a pro at customizing seats too, so he can do whatever u want. my seat got done, multilayer foam, it looks the same but is cushy. He's on the corner of sydney road and gaffney st, coburg, in the big blue shop. usually there after hours too..
  18. So thats whats in that shop, keep seeing leathers in the window but no signs up.
  19. George finally got his shop eh?? Cool. I might drop in and see the crazy coote!

    His work is A1+++

    :) :cool: