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Seat belt for motorcycles - NOT April Fools Day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Mar 31, 2011.


    Honda working on motorcycle seatbelts

    Yep, you read it right. Honda is working on a system of seatbelts for motorcycles.

    Seems crazy, but it looks like a serious project from the patents Honda has filed for the system. Designed for bikes like the Goldwing, where the rider won't be hanging off or moving around much in the seat, the belt arrangement is designed to make sure an airbag can work more and to reduce the chances of injuries, particularly in the sort of accident where the bike comes to a sudden halt.

    However, the firm has recognised that in a lot of accidents it's better to be away from the bike rather than attached to it, so it's new seatbelt system also has elements of ejector seat in the mix. When the computer senses that the bike is irretrievably tipping over it releases the entire seat, with the rider still attached, and inflates an airbag backrest. The idea is that having ejected you slide down the road in a sitting position, with the seat betwixt your hide and the asphalt. Sort of extreme tobogganing.

    And no, it's not April 1 just yet.

    To be fair, when bike airbags were first mooted the idea seemed mad, and they've worked out pretty well on the Goldwing even if the idea hasn't spread elsewhere yet. Perhaps with enough development this could turn out to be a real safety boon. But we don't suggest you throw out your leathers just yet.

    full article - with diagrams
  2. Maybe not a bad idea, I know I wouldn't want my leg caught under a goldwing if it started to go slidey. What happens if it tips over in your garage? do you get fired through the wall?
  3. Honda: Redefining beige since 1974.
  4. Strapped into a chair and bouncing down the road.
    Thats a good way to end up in hospital with shattered bones,
    No way I will ever be strapped to a motor bike, under any circumstances,

    If a bike drops, the safest place is to be nowhere near it,
  5. Honda: world leaders in innovation since before boy.wishful was born :roll:

    So, will you get booked for not wearing a seat-belt, then???
  6. I guess the next step will be couple of extra wheels (for stability) and a roll cage...

  7. Name one innovative Honda design past the CB750. Name one.
  8. Wow. I had to recheck the date. Wow.

    Highsides? How does it handle highsides?
  9. Honda Super Blackbird 1100 XX

    Thats just one,
  10. What is innovative about it in any way? All you've done is give me the model of bike you ride.

    Autolube was innovative, the rotary engine was innovative, EXUP, Earls suspension, unitrak suspension, the trellis frame. Name a Honda equivalent.
  11. now loudmouth in a parliament somewhere in the world is going to make it compulsory.

    Thanks a lot Mr Honda.
  12. The Super Blackbird is anything but innovative, it's a generic inline 4 cylinder water cooled sports tourer similar to half a dozen other bikes.

    I would suggest however that DCBS and VTEC qualify as innovative.
  13. How quickly you go quiet when asked to put up or shut up, eh Hornet?
  14. Didn't Honda pioneer the V4 engine for production bikes?

    VTEC would be an innovation for sure.
  15. Hah, you're kidding!? The original Fireblade was game changing. Gear driven cams in the V4 before that. Linked brakes (no, I don't like them either). Etc...
  16. In what way was the original fireblade game changing? It was light, it was fast. That is a constant for all manufacturers in sports bikes.Robsalvv, google AJS, Honda was about 30 odd years late on the V4, they just brought a water jacket to the game. That seems to always be a throwback, and variable valve timing was a concept being toyed with by the Detroit giants in the 60s (just not on bikes). Linked brakes were hardly revolutionary, I hated the idea and thought it was for lazy beige bastards. I'll give you gear driven cams Yak.
  17. Jesus, Honda already make cars! Why then are they striving to create the perfect 2 wheeled car?!
  18. DCBS - combined brakes yes? If so, our workshop manager has a 1903 something or other that has combined brakes - they are crude but you pull the front brake lever in and it applies the rear brake as well.

    VTEC - was done in cars before bikes - hardly innovative - simply applying a known technology to another, related, application.
  19. The fireblade was a game changer, but it was hardly innovative. They just stuffed a big engine in a small chassis. Something the after market had been doing for a long time. Suzuki did it in 1985 when they put the 750 in a 400 chassis and created the gsxr750

    Gear driven cams have been around since the 20s.

    v4 in a bike? interesting, but not innovative.

    What Honda do is marketing gimmicks, not innovation.
  20. I would like it noted for the record that for as long as I have been riding bikes they have ejected me into the scenery on a whim and it's in no way innovative. Thankyou.