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Seat bag, Tank Bag, What Choices

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mjt57, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. I have a Ventura rack system which includes the standard rack and the sports rack and bags for both. However I need something that I can tote my work gear, lunch and/or dinner in, something that doesn't need to be "ocky" strapped down, which tends to crush whatever's in the bag.

    I've looked at tank bags today from Oxford, DriRider and one or two other brands. None of them really appealed to me. I then looked at a seat bag by Ventura. But it's not listed on the Ventura website. Kenma, which imports the Ventura stuff has 3 listed, but shows a picture of only one of them. And there are no part numbers, etc. listed, so I can't tell which one that I was looking at. [odd that the manufacturer's website has less info than one of its distributors...]

    They come in 3 flavors; 11l, 14l and 14-22l (expandable). I think that the 14l one may suit me. The one that I looked at is a bit too small for my needs. So I'm hoping that it was the 11litre one.

    Now, getting to the point (finally), I was wondering if anyone here knows of any online sellers. I checked out one mob called "bikebiz" but they don't have any useful info.

  2. i brought on oxford bag not long ago http://www.oxprod.com/index.php?pg=3&action=dept&id=16&pid=10&p=

    it uses occy straps, but they go throught the bottom of the bag so they dont squash anything. quality seems top notch so far, and it expands to double its size. you cant even notice it on the back of the bike. costs $200 in stores, but i cant help with an online seller.
  3. Does this Oxford bag have a thing that straps is affixed to the seat and that the bag itself unclips from that?

    That's what I liked about the Ventura bag. But it uses quick release buckle thingies like the ones you squeeze in to release a clip or latch.
  4. i dont know what you mean about the bikebiz site not having any useful info. Go to their shop site www.motorcycle-accessoried.com.au and click on luggage and view all brands and just brows their selection. For my mind, they have everything you could possibly want.
  5. or try www.motorcycle-accessories.com.au instead. Works alot better with an S rather than a D Duffman. :wink:

    You might also want to look at www.mcas.com.au

  6. Smart arse..... :p :p
  7. this isn't the site that I was looking at and I didn't see a link to it. Anyway, thanks for the info. I've had a look. There are a couple of items that look promising. But not enough detail. Eg. there's a dry rider tailbag but there is no detail on how its affixed to the bike.

    There's also an Oxford product but it's getting a bit expensive at over $200. I've just spent a fortune on the bike and extra gear recently. The Minister of Finance will go into meltdown mode if I spend that kind of dough on a bag that will be essentially for my lunch and other stuff for work (overalls, sundry items, etc.)
  8. I like panniers for stuff i dont want getting crushed by straps. BUT they do make the bike wider which might be a problem if your splitting through the city. I got the Oxford First Time panniers and i think they are very good.

    Also, the Ixon range of stuff is very good. quality seemed top notch from what i could see.

    Another thing might be just get a tank bag. If you can use a magnetic one then you dont need any straps at all and you can easily just pull the bag off and carry it into work with you. I got a cheap Motodry one from bikebiz and its very good.