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Seat bag for Vt250....any ideas

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. hey
    im looking for a seat bag for My Vt250....i had thought of panniers but my indicators have been custom fitted to where the panniers sit so i cant use them.
    I thought about a rack too then fit a bag to that but i cant find a great deal of info on my bike and getting a rack fitted.
    Are the racks a general fit or do I need to get them specific to my bike ?

    Any ideas on where to go to get a look and the best advice ?

  2. I used to have a seat bag on my old VT250 (in fact I've still got the bag).
    It has elastic straps with hooks on the end that looped over pillion pegs/indicators etc. and worked fine.
    Assuming yours in a similar model, of course.
    It's now quite decrepit looking, but if you can't find anything else I'd be haappy to pass it on.
  3. I know that Ventura and gear sack racks are generally specific to each model bike, but some similarities mean there is a small amount of interchangeability.

    I noticed on Sunday that xxsteve had a 'seat bra' on the pillion part of his VTR250s seat. He said it was a seat bag that clips into the 'bra' part similar to some models of tank bags.

    I can't find any info, so might be worth a PM to him.

    :D :D :D
  4. because of the v25/vt250c pipes that come up at angles saddlebags are not an option, this is what you need:


    i have the comlete set up for the v25/vt250c in unmarked condition, i will be selling them soonish when i pull my finger out.
    i have the:

    L brackets- chrome
    pack rack- chrome
    grab handle- chrome
    all fittings, instructions & the box it came in.
    2 x aero packs, 45L & 35L both in black.
  5. I have a seat bag, they have a strap that goes around your seat, then 4 clips lock the bag into position. It's made by ventura, but you never see them around, speak to Shandell at Geoff Taylor Motorcycles Dandenong and they have them in stock. Price between $100 - $110. But they are fantastic!
    Tell them steve with the CBRXX sent you and they may look after you.

    Here is a look at the strap, but the bag wasn't on the bike this day
    Ventura Seat Bag
  6. Well, that one turned out well, didn't it???
  7. If you are selling the ventura pack then let me know. How much do they cost anyway ?
    If you need a hand pulling your finger out gimme a shout I got some long nosed pliers.
    I got some cash about to land and will be looking in the next week to get something.
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  9. I just bought a Motoline seatbag yesterday. I was looking either a Gearsack or Andy Strapz but they cost a fair bit [more then $150]. the Motoline cost me $69 from Bike Barn on Elizabeth street. its 25liters and extendable and has heaps on buckles so it can be strapped down in a variety of ways. it has a raincover, 6 ocky straps. defintely worth a look.

  10. Like the bag, but straps all over the place which can scratch your bike, thats why I went for the ventura because no chance of scratching bike and detaches from bike in 2 seconds, just 4 clips.
  11. I have noticed a few vt250c's with saddle bags, like this one:


    So, is it still advisable to look at an alternative carry system? Are saddle bags really not an option?

  12. Hey Jonty,
    My bikes been buggered around with and all the back indicators are on the side right where the pannier would sit so its a no go on my bike.
    I found a strap on Oxford bag. $80. expandable but it will have to stay on the bike though as it wont be coming off to easy. Because the back seat on the VT need 3 screws taken out it makes it a pain to get off quickly and easily. Im not stressed too much as there is nothing inside it and it squashes down to nothing and has a little flap that seals it down.
    I might look at getting a smaller one that can come off easier but this Oxford one is doing a great job just now