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Searching for Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guinness, May 10, 2008.

  1. Has there been a genius that has set up a web site to search and find a bike by enetering specs like engine type, capacity, age etc, rather than make and model? :?:

  2. firstly, you should've introduce yourself to a forum of which you are a new registree of.
    secondly, are you technologically retarded? guess not. you made yourself an account on netrider
    thirdly, did you even bother to look at the sites such as www.bikesales.com.au or www.bikepoint.com.au thoroughly?
  3. Well Hello tuneliner, nice to meet you. I've been riding for 27 years and I must admit that almost to a person, all of the fellow riders I've met in that time have been much more welcoming and indeed helpful than your reply indicates you are. I may not have understood the etiquette of the group and for that I aplogise, however your reply could only lower the tone of the group.
  4. Welcome mate :D

    One day, not long from now, you'll wake up on the wrong side of the bed and some new guy on netrider will just push you over the edge just by the way he/she looks at you and you'll tell him off too :p Its all good - call it the initiation procedure if you will.

    On topic though, most classifieds have the option to search by bike type, you might have to click "Advanced search" to get to it!
  5. Basic forum etiquette, introduce yourself before whoring info ;) Welcome.
  6. Ah my faith has been restored!

    I may well be a little edgey myself as I try to find the perfect bike for my wife so she doesn't have to ride mine (hence the tender emotions).

    Thanks for the help.
  7. oh btw Guiness my username has 2 l's not one :p :LOL:


    back to my assignment, otherwise I won't get anything done and keep forum whoring
  8. +1 to the suggestion on using 'Advanced Search' on Bikesales.

    The other option is to tell us her (and your) requirements - size of bike, size of rider (careful!), preference for cruiser, naked, sport, dual sport or dirtbike, rough budget, etc... there will be a dozen people at least with an opinion about the perfect bike, and often a few links to specific examples. ;)

    Oh, and welcome.
  9. Hey welcome to the forum buddy!

    And that's from someone who lurks more than post!

    I reckon if you fill in the "gaps" in yr search such as age, preference, etc., you'll find there're many on the forum who've been in the same shoes ie. hunting for the "right" bike, be it returning to m/cycling or just moving on from another bike.
  10. Fourthly, watch out for the local trolls. Some of them bite :LOL:
  11. :LOL: but i apologised zeddicus :(
  12. Sorry, one of the dangers of hitting "reply" without reading the full thread first :grin: