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Search help - Looking for accident trends

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. *mumble mumble search fukn mumble stoopid interweb*

    My search foo is broken, I'm chasing motor vehicle accident trends over the past decade, longer is good too.

    I'm not chasing road toll.

    More likely insurance claims but I'm not sure if they get tipped into a national data base which would be perfect.

    If you find what I'm looking for you will be showered in hugs and kisses and I will take 3 speeding fines and one court appearance for you.

    May the search be with you.
  2. Thanks Chris, I'm not chasing roadtoll though. All of those are injury/fatality, and interesting for government departments, quite out of date. So hugs and kisses for you.

    Insurance stats would be the go. Accidental claims.
  3. What sort of insurance stats are you after exactly? I have access to some reports at work, but it's more to do with loss ratio's etc.

    I have some good underwriter friends who might be able to get me something good. Suggest you PM me dude.
  4. It used to be the case, maybe still is that an insurance claim needed to be accompanied by a Police report. Can you extract the information that way? Insurance companies collate that info and they share it amongst themselves but getting them to provide it would be challenging.
  5. The po-po wont attend and aren't interested unless there is an injury, so the stats are being skewed. I think I'm looking specifically for a jump in insurance claims, and then compare that to roadtoll. If i get what I'm looking for i'll explain in depth.
  6. I will.
  7. I reckon Nightowl might be your Sorceress of Foo... she dug up TAC data suggesting an increase in claims a little while back.

    When I was researching the NRSS paper, I came across some insurance industry annual reports talking about claim stats for Australia - I didn't keep the links. But that's an avenue.

    Motorvehicle personal injury stats from WA - might give some clues.

    NSW crash stats where a fatal, injury or one vehicle was towed away.

    I can't seem to find those insurance report links...
  8. :LOL: ... thanks Rob, luv it!
    & have borrowed it for a while

    Maybe something amongst all this stuff might help ...

    Insurance Council of Australia
    General Insurance Industry Trends - Motor Vehicle Insurance

    (additional potential resource if you can access it: Insurance Statistics Australia Ltd)


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  9. Fatalities decrease. Injuries increase.

    Road crash casualties and rates, Australia, 1925 to 2005

    “A known deficiency of the police data was the under-reporting of serious injury to
    motorcyclists and pedal cyclists involved in road crashes, which perhaps partly explains the lower numbers compared with the figures derived from the hospital data. It is in fact increases in the numbers of motorcyclists and pedal cyclists seriously injured that largely account for the overall increase from 2000 to 2005. There were 35 per cent more motorcyclists seriously injured in 2005 than in 2000, 25 per cent more pedal cyclists and 14 per cent more drivers.
    For more information on this topic, interested readers should refer to the publication Serious injury due to land transport accidents, Australia, 2003-04, available on the ATSB website.”

    (As an aside: 1993 MUARC Report commissioned by Fed Office of Road Safety into data collection from various entities)


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  10. TAC stuff rh column ... probably needs updating, 2010 figs not available at time of doing it.


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  11. Cars are crashing more ...

    From files, thought I'd pop this in here as well (in case it's relevant & someone wants to build on it, I haven't had time to do so)

    AAMI – Customer Charter Annual Report

    2008-09 – Approved 1,517 lifetime repair claims (18mth period, 1july08-31dec09)
    2007-08 – Approved 819 lifetime repair claims
    2006-07 – Approved 611 lifetime repair claims
    2005-06 – Approved 374 lifetime repair claims
    2004-05 – Approved 461 lifetime repair claims

    Types of collisions/claims (AAMI's road crash index - national)


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  12. :) May the Foo be with you!

    lol was I right or was I right!

  13. Have you also got their customer statistics? If the customer base went up, it could account for more claims....
  14. I heart that girl. She is evil me in the body of a Goddess.
    Beware of Sorceress of Foo
  15. 27-28% of claims are caused by rear end collisions, but they won't allow lane splitting?

    *Insert shaking fist smiley here.
  16. How does she do that!
  17. Considering the type of claims I think the increase points more to a deficit in attention/skills/training rather than being caused by any significant increase in customer base.

    We’re looking at increases here of approx:
    63% - 06-07
    34% - 07-08
    23% - 08-09 (or 85% if 18 mth period used)

    at a time when Budget Direct was taking market share away from major players such as AAMI & RACV (in Victoria).

    AAMI is just one example, and given its share of the car insurance market is probably a reasonable indicator of a trend, but it would be good to try and get similar info from other co’s for comparison before getting side-tracked into things such as customer base, market growth, market share, customer migration, attrition etc which at this point I think would complicate matters unnecessarily.
    But if it interests you (or anyone else), please go for it!

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  18. Its just a question - what I was getting at was that the numbers can vary if the profile, or numbers of customers changed significantly.
  19. Thanks guys. :)

    Here's a couple more links that may offer up some more general info.

    Selected Statistics on the General Insurance Industry Y/E 2002
    had premiums & claims for CTP Motor Vehicle,
    Commercial Motor vehicle & Domestic Motor vehicle (also broken down by state).

    Any upward increase in claims might support upward trend indicated by AAMI.

    APRA – 1999-2002 Selected stats on Gen. Ins. Ind.

    APRA - General Insurance Statistics

    Here's a quick snapshot of breakdown of general insurance market for '08.

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