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Search for bungling bakery burglar

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by AznCruiser, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Search for bungling bakery burglar
    Tue Feb 1 2011


    A would-be burglar who broke into a Melbourne bakery through a skylight found himself trapped in a locked room and made several bungled attempts to escape.

    The man forced his way into the bakery on Heatherhill Road, Frankston, just before 1am (AEDT) on December 27, police said.

    But he soon realised he was trapped inside the storeroom and attempted to escape by stacking containers and shelving in a bid to climb back out through the skylight.

    He fell from roof height numerous times while trying to reach the opening.

    The man also made a number of calls on his mobile phone and police believe he was contacting friends for help.

    He eventually got out, but injured himself in the process.

    The man's escapades were caught on a security camera.

    Police have released images and footage of a man they believe can assist with their investigation.
  2. :rofl:
    I saw it on the news. Looked like he cut his eye pretty good.
    What a dumbarse.
  3. I wish i could say "only in America", this moron actually lives with the rest of us, I feel bad for our fellow Victorians. On the real time footage I thought I saw him crying at one stage :(. I guess they dont make criminals like they used to.

    WTF was he doing robbing a bakery? not much cash at the end of the day and bakerys usually close late and open early.
  4. I want to know how he actually got out, It seems the metal shelf would have been his best option till he broke that.
  5. Tee, hee... stupid stuff

    I guess he couldn't just blend in to the background and hope that no one kneaded to go into the room.

    He kneaded to beat it, make a dash, before he got whipped with a whisk and creamed

  6. And, according to the news, the bakery had been closed for 10 days over Christmas......
    What a dumb arse
  7. Hahahha thats even worse, seriously I could understand if he looked drugged up and desperate for a fix, at least thats an excuse for being so dumb. This guy was just a dum dum =D>. Actually I think we need dumber criminals, makes tracking them down easier.
  8. As a mate of mine used to say frequently, "The jails are not simply full of criminals. They're full of incompetent criminals. The ones with a higher IQ than a stick of celery don't get caught."
  9. he must've really kneaded the dough
  10. Evidently not the breadwinner of his family.
  11. LMAO thats a good one Aza
  12. he was probably desperate for bread because his girlfriend had a bun in the oven and he thought it would be a piece of cake...
  13. What a doughnut!
    (Dadspeak for dumb arse in our house)