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Seany's Sad. His dog died :(

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Seany, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. My mum just drove to Melbourne from Benalla this evening to tell me that my beautiful Golden Lab 'Dylan' (named after Bob Dylan) died today. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    He was old and his arthritis had gotten to the point where he had begun collapsing at random. He was attacked by a rotwieler about 3 years ago leaving his hip badly damaged and it had kept getting worse and more painful. He was found today collaped and barking for help in the roses and after untold amounts of pain killers didn't help the decision was made to have him put down. I know it's for the best and at least I can say I'm really pleased he's no longer in pain. :)

    Dylan was the best fishing companion I ever had and a true and loyal friend. He'd even bark at anyone fishing in the lake at Benalla cause he figuerd those fish were mine. :LOL: How many friends will swim laps of a lake for hours at a time behind a sailboard just to spend time with you? He sat caringly by my sister was sick with Bipolar and as I coulsn't have him in Melb spent the last year of his life protecting and caring for my grandparents. They are very frail and he was always so gentle with them.

    Dylan loved everything about life and he loved all the people in his life. He was a champion of a dog and I don't think I'll ever find another as intelligent and caring as Dyl (though if I have another dog I do know I'll love it as much but I'm not in a position to care for another dog atm). He was always protective, always loving and always right there when you needed him ready to lick your face and have a good pat. He worked that pat mojo so well, it was an artform to him. :LOL:

    I took this photo at Easter because I could see he was getting old and I worried I mighn't get too many more chances for pictures. I'm glad I took it now.

    Dylan Buckley. Oct 5, 1994- Dec 12, 2006.

    I'm having a year and a sook tonight, but later I think I'd better go have a beer with cejay. :LOL: Dylan would want be to do that. He always figured beer meant a chance of bbq'd meat. :LOL: :cry:
  2. Definitely time for a beer or few, a good sooky weep and remembering how good Dylan was when he was well.
  3. Bugger, shit, bugger.

    Sean, that is so sad. I am so sorry to hear of Dylan's passing. Rest assured though, where Dylan is, is better than being in pain and I'm sure there's an Esky fully of beer and a BBQ on the go with more sausages and lamb than any dog would need. Hang on, dogs can never have enough sausages and lamb, but where he is, there's no such thing as weight gain either, just perpetual happiness.

    Tell him to go find Sally and between them they can tear the place up. With her nose for food and Dylan's love of BBQ's they're bound to have fun.

    Take care, I am thinking of you and share your sadness.
  4. Bugger Seany. Really sorry to read about you losing your pal.

    A beer or two and a commemorative ride sound like they're in order...
  5. Sending love and healing wishes your way Sean. It is such a shit that we only have our fur-babies for such a short time.
    Hoping your heart is filled soon with happy memories to replace the pain :)
  6. That sucks.

    Sounds like he was a great 4-legged mate.

    Condolences, dude.
  7. Thanks guys. I've was reading your posts as they appeared but it's hard to reply. I really appreciate your thoughts and It's comforting to know you all understand. :) He really was such a cute little idiot. Just like me a lot of ways I suppose. :LOL: I had an instinct to go to Benalla rather than the toy run on the weekend but I didn't follow it and I regret that descision now but I didn't know how sick he was. I hadn't been told what was happening cause I had so much going on, my parents didn't want me to worry. He'd gone back to Mum and Dad's place when he was too sick to stay with my grandparents and they were trying to keep him happy and pain free so we could spend Christmas with him. Unfortunatley he didn't quite make it but it would have been a shit Christmas if I'd had to see him in pain so I guess it's for the best. :) It still sucks shit though. :cry:
  8. I'm really sorry to hear this Seany. My thoughts are with you mate!
    As a fellow dog lover, and single person with no children, my dogs have always been the love of my life.... I have been down this path a few times before... I'm onto my third border collie now, I've had a border in my bed since I was 16 :wink: and it's always tuff when they get old and have to leave us.
    My "robbie" also sends his licks..hang on, he doesn't lick( strange for a dog not to lick, but he doesn't) so he sends a wagging tail and a big nudge which translates as an offer for you to pat him, he too is a con artist with the pats and smooches.
  9. Oh damn Seany. That's so sad. :cry: *hugs* Those are some pretty sweet memories of Dylan. What a beautiful boy too. Sounds like he's been a loyal friend...I've got Sam (9yr old lab). Great mate..not only has he got me through some tough times, but he's a great pillow for when I want to lie on the floor and watch tele. :wink: :) If you're ever down this way you're more than welcome to drop in and say hi to him...he'd like that. :grin:
  10. A commemorative ride sounds like an idea. Dedicated to the memories of our lost (but never forgotten) friends.

    Stevie's snoring his little head off next to me...
  11. Sorry to hear about the loss of Dylan, Seany. :( I know from experience how much it sucks. He looks like he was a beautiful dog and it sounds like he gave you heaps of good memories. I guess all you can do is have a beer, take heart that he's not in pain anymore and remember all the good times.

    RIP Dylan.
  12. Been there, done that. Had to make the hard decision for our Elka. Very tough. Your post brought back a flood of memories

    Remember the good times, Seany.


    PS and I bet that you won't be able to resist patting a Goldie when you see one.
  13. Another sad event at the awful end of this year, and all the worse for not having been there. You'll treasure the photo, and, as Alan Jones always says, no-one dies until he or she is forgotten. I'm sure that beautiful dog will not be forgotten....
  14. My deepest sympathies Seany :cry:

    My dad had to put our 17 year old Maltese down cos we just couldn't do it :cry: Even though you know in your heart it is for the best, is still bloody hurts.

    They quickly become a part of your life and offer so much but don't expect anything in return.

    I think Cejay is on to something here, we should have a ride dedicated to our furry friends :)

    Have a few quiet ones for me and healing thoughts heading your way :angel:
  15. Very sorry and sad at your loss Seany. The good thing is the memories of how much value they add to our lives.
  16. Shit...I'm so sorry to hear that... :cry: I know how much you loved Dylan...
  17. so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet.

    one of the hardest days of my life was when I had to put my dog Sandy to sleep - she had cancer so bad she couldn't walk & it wasn't fair to her.

    thoughts are with you.
  18. Sorry to hear of your loss Seany, I know what it is like to lose a loyal mate such as Dylan.
  19. Seany
    i feel so sad for you loseing your best friend :cry:

    that is a brilliant age for a Lab

    i hope in years to come your liveing arrangements change
    and you can indeed get another lab puppy to love

    Cyber Hugs to you Darlin

    RIP Dylan


    ( my family also had a golden lab RIP Sandy )
  20. Sorry to hear this Seany.

    Never nice loosing a companion, if he liked swimming i'm sure he'll find a little fox terrier called Kate. (If she stops chasing all those angel rabbits that is :LOL: )

    By the dates you posted i think he had a good innings, Kate didn't get that chance (long story).

    Remember him as the the friend he was and you 'll be fine. and have a can of PAL for rememberance......... on 2nd thoughts maybe not.