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Seany's bike down. :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Great ride up to Benalla this arvo. Cut through Christmas hills up to Yarra Glen then up to Yea Bonnie Doon and into Benalla. Dad sees the shiny new Kwacka and wants a test ride. So sfter telling him to be careful I get a phone call 5mins later to tell me he's dropped it on the main street. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Apparently, he thought a care was going to pull out, grabbed the front brake and dropped it. Now I have to find someone in town who can fix it by Friday so I can get home again. :?

    Dented & scratched tank, Wrecked speedo, scratched headlight, scratched engine case and possibly twisted forks. Bugger. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I don't like my chances of the time frame either so I might not get to coffee night this week unless I just get it road worthy and do the rest in Melbourne somewhere. :cry:

    Dad's alright BTW. A bit of a scratch on his wrist and knee. :)

  2. WTF !!!

    At least bruce is OK.

    Look at it this way, EVERY time you want to borrow the forrester from now on, he will have to say yes.

    What are kids for you cant play with and break their stuff ??
  3. sucks ARSE! is he gunna help you out to pay?
  4. Yep. I don't have comp insurance yet unfortunately but he's told me he'll pay whatever it costs to bring back to new, so all's good in that respect. :)
  5. Sorry to hear about your bike Seany but glad your old man is ok. :)

    :D :D
  6. Hey Seany, that kinda sux that your bike is down. Good to hear your dad's ok though and helping pay to fix it. :)
  7. ferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk !!
  8. So he managed to out pace you or just avoided you for the first hour?
  9. Sorry to hear this.
    Glad your dad is alright. I feel your pain of having your perfect bike
    ruined so soon after getting it.
    But before you know it will be as good as new. I found that the time you spend with your bike really lets you apprecitte what owning one is all about. But I bet you already knew that!
  10. accidents happen , bikes can be fixed .
    your dads ok , thats the main thing .
    a few battle scars on the bike , as long as the forks are ok , you should be ok for wheels .

    glad it was aminor ding , we have had enough big ones on here of late .
  11. Not the new bike?!?


    Glad to hear your old man's ok though. He must be a fast runner!
  12. Bugger Seany, glad to hear your Dads ok, but shame about the bike. Hope you get it back on the road soon :)
  13. damn! hope that you can fix up your bike back into A1 condition seany!

    this would've never happened with the cb250! :) sorry bad joke.......glad to hear your dads ok though!!!
  14. At least your Dad's OK, and bikes you can fix or get a new one.
    Hope you get it all fixed nice and quick.

  15. That's all you did to him?
    Geez Seany you are a kind soul.
    :LOL: :LOL:

    Bugger about the bike and glad to hear your Dad came out with so little collateral damage.
    Hope all goes well with the repairs.
  16. Thanks everyone for the kind words.

    Yeah, Dad' s fine (although a little embarrassed) which is the most important thing. His hand is a'ok thanks to my carbon force goves which took the brunt of the fall. I feel a bit guilty about not insisting on him borrowing my pants though cause his knee doesn't look to flash, but at least he's still walking.

    The cops asked him if he wanted them to call an ambulance, but since he's the doctor on call in Benalla tonight, he figured there wasn't much point. :LOL:

    Hate to say it Glen, but the forks on inspection are absolutely fcuked in the most dramatic sense of the description. Handlebras straight, the front wheel's about 25 degrees off straight so I'm hoping for something special from local crash repairers to get me to coffee on Friday. :cry:

    I've managed to fill a pad with the damgaged parts list but fortunately, if I can get the speedo, indicators and forks sorted out, I'll be able to ride it and just replace the other parts myself next week (assuming that the frame and front wheel are undamaged). He dropped it at about 40-60kph so it's anyone's bet at this stage.

    The important thing is my Dad's still kicking. I can replace a bike (well, not right now, I've spent every cent I have for the moment) but it's impossible to replcae the man who brought you into the world, brought you up right and taught you the joy of two wheels from a young age so it's a good outcome from my point of view even if the repairer says" bin it". It turns out the current model ER-5 comes in blue so if I have to finance and get a new bike, I might go for brand spanking. :D

    Thanks again all, your kind thoughts and a few glasses of red have definately helped me see it all clearly.

    Livinghonest, of course it wouldn't happen on the CB. The front brake on that bike wasn't touchy enough for anyone to grab it too hard. I have told Dad however that his Birthday present could be a day at HART. He did the right thing to bin the bike rather than himself (I would've done the same) but it wouldn't hut to learn emergency couter swerving nontheless. When he got his licence, all they wanted to know is can he pick it up when he drops it. :LOL: