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Seany & Shelley's Sea Change

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Well it seems things are happening. To cut the story short, I have accepted a teaching position at Warrnambool and Shelley was quickly snapped up by the hospital. What this means for us is that we will be leaving our friends, our families, our house and our spurs to move to the south western coast of Victoria. :)

    I am a country boy and after 8yrs in the big smoke I'm happy enough to leave the traffic jams behind (though warrnambool is still huge comared to my childhood towns). Shelley is a city girl with a country heart and I think she'll cope fine with the shops closing at 5. :) We are both very sad that we have to leave all our friends behind. Many of those friends are netriders and I can say we will miss all of you greatly. However, we're only moving 3hrs away so we expect to get back to melb regularly. We also hope to get lots of visits from netriders. :grin:

    There are lots of benefits for our netrider friends by our moving. In addition to a great Adelaide-Melb stopover, Warrnambool is an ideal end point for a ride down the GOR. Crash for the night and do it again the next day! :dance: . Alternatively, we are also now in close proximity to the Grampions and the great roads those hills hold for weekend adventurers. I plan to scout and master these roads asap in order to lead mayhem and giggle filled play days. :grin: Cam can also go diving. :)

    We are looking forward to lots of surfing, sailing, whale fishing and bike riding in our new home town. It's a big step for us and we'd like to share it will all of you. Of course, a house warming will be organised as soon as we manage to find a house.

    If there are any netriders out there in the Warrnambool area we'd love to hear from you. The town is full of bikes so some of you must post??? Either way, if you see a black Kwacka doing pissweak wheelies with a black FZ6 down Raglan Pde, you'll know it's the new Warrnambool Mystery Ride finding it's feet. :grin:

    I found 0.0 greed cameras in Warrnambool and spent this w/end speeding everywhere just cause I could. :woot:
  2. Sad to see you go Seany but also happy for you.
    You gonna still be working with the disadvantaged kids or going more mainstream?
  3. Still in Special Ed... SDS and ID, so a tad milder that Autism specialist but not too different. I met most of my students on Friday, they're verbal and can toilet themselves (also very polite and pleased to meet me) so I think I'm going enjoy this gig!. :grin: Much closer to mainstream than I'm used too but still a bit different to a Primary school. :)
  4. but...but...but... the poo stories dammit were so entertaining ! :LOL:

    As a fellow "sea-changer" I know you're headed for miles of smiles and wish you and Shelley nothing but the best. Count me in as a visitor, any idea on when the move is likely ? Me smells a "going away" party coming on hehehehe.
  5. Count Kate and I in for the housewarming!! If you need a hand moving give us a yell. You 2 will be certainly missed thats for sure. It sounds like a great adventure though.
  6. You'll love Warrnambool, it's a great little city. Best of luck with the move.
  7. Good luck on the move Seany :)
  8. So you got the gig huh. Seany be sorry to see you and Shelley go. There virtually hasnt been more than a handfull NR parties and gigs I've been to, that you and that familiar lucky cap are'nt there :LOL:

    As one of :-k in fact I seem to recall from aways back when, the :?: :?: :?: founding member of the now infamous Thursday night mystery race, Its been an absolute pleasure to make your aqaintence through NR (to which you indeed met Shelley I recall?) and yuse presence will be surely missed :(

    On the flipside,when Shayden turns 13, and I actually get to ride again, we got a place to crash at on GOR :grin:
  9. Well a huge congrats to you both, i know it was a huge shock to us when we found out you were both off, you will both be missed, and certainly hope to keep in touch.

    +1 if if you need any help with the move, you have my number

    Take care and make sure you add a ramp at the new place :wink:
  10. Congratulations both of you!

    Nice big block somewhere with your names on it?
  11. Congrats to you both. Sounds like a positive, happy step in your life. Enjoy!
  12. Yay, but booooooo.

    Having one last party at Eaglemont? If not, I'll see ya at the housewarming, or give us a yell if you need muscle for movin'.
  13. 'Gratz Seany and Shelly :)

    Sad to see you guys go, but always good to see friends make changes that will better their lives!

    So when when when??? This side of xmas or after?

    Happy to help in some way.
  14. Uhuh, I know that feeling :)
  15. Hope all works out well for you both. I am sure i will be down sunny Warrnambool at some stage in my life.

    Its been a while since i have seen either of you but hopefully this doesnt mean i wont see you again..

    Take care guys and enjoy... :grin:
  16. Will miss you! But congrats and good luck with the change. When are you going? A large group of us are going to Port Campbell next weekend, so come down and meet us for a beer or two :grin:
  17. best wishes!! wbool is ok - close to the sea at least!
    i know a few people down there so might catch up with you soon :)
    when is the move??
  18. Goodonyaz Both. It's a top place.

    There's a spare room here for when you come to Melb. for a visit.
  19. Congrats Seany, beautiful part of the world down there. I head down to Warrnambool for 3 or 4 weeks every summer and taking the bike is a definite, there are some great roads down there. Might catch up for a ride.

    I envy you, I would love to be making the move to that area.
  20. Thanks for all the well wishes. We are going to miss you all heaps, but will come back to visit, and I'm glad to hear that you will come visit us too :grin:
    It has been decided... there will be a going away party :beer:
    .... and then a housewarming! :grin:

    So we will probably be moving early January (by the time we find a house and actually get around to moving). Because I start work there on the 27th of Jan, and Seany on the 28th of Jan.

    Don't worry guys, we were looking at places last weekend, and Seany has made sure wheelchair accessible is on the list :wink:

    It has been awhile Paul, but hopefully you and the Mrs can make it to the going away bash :)
    And just think... now you have an excuse to visit Warrnambool :grin: