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Seany hit a roo. Oh no! lol

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seany, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Arrgghh! fcuking marsupials! :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Leave the Wednesday meet on the spur, watching for wombats all the way to Healsville. Move into roo territory tootling along Chrissy Hills Rd at 120 and nothing but a lonely fox to be seen. Make my way through Kangaroo Ground thinking I'm home and hosed and feeling good about the great time I'm making. :grin:

    Just out of KG, over the hill and into that last sharp corner near with the cafe just before town. Dip my lights for an oncomming truck before the corner so I don't startle him on my way out, take the corner nicely and throttle on. Get up to about 80kph and all of a sudden the BIGGEST grey kangaroo I've ever seen in my life is at the side of the road waiting for me. Oh no! :shock:

    The Bastard has decided to go, I can't stop and that bloody truck is in the other lane. :shock: :mad: :shock: Two choices...., Ditch the bike or have a go. :-k Have ditched a bike for a roo before and didn't want to bend another one, so more gas and head for the gap was all I had left. 8-[

    I shit myself! :shock: At the point where I thought "fcuk, I'm gonna hit him" I shut my eyes and hoped for the best then........, Whack! :shock:...:-s Clipped him with my left arm and kept going! :dance: :grin: No damage, no fall, no dramas! :dance: :grin:

    Kangaroos Verses Seany, now squarely evened up at 1 all! :woot: :rofl:
  2. Damn Seany your bloody lucky!

    Cheers mate good work :LOL:
  3. very lucky there mate. glad nothin more came of it.
  4. Wow, what a moment that would have been :shock: [​IMG]
  5. How's Skippy?

  6. Nice work! I dont think most people's reactions would be to drop the hammer! Glad it paid off! :cool:
  7. hope the b@stard roo doesn't come back for Round 3 :eek:

    Read the heading and thought OH $HIT Seany... but glad to hear you're all good and the score's even :blackeye: :grin:
  8. fcuk Skippy. :cool: :LOL:
  9. NICE ONE! thought this was going to be a sad sorry tale, ended up a good tail. :grin:

    The hought of hitting wildlife scars the crap outta me..even when i'm cagin it
  10. +1.

    Good work. I would have jsut started crying immediately.
  11. Nice save Seany! Farken Roos... :evil:
  12. Haha nice! I've gotta be careful when I get my er6f, in the event of an imminent crash no way am I bailing out, I'll go down with the ship! Yarr!
  13. should have balled a fist up and carbon-knuckled the fcuker for stepping out in the way.. im sure a busted jaw and concussion would have ended the tournament at a 1 all draw.

    glad you came away scratch free man.. those roo's be freakin crazy!
  14. Have they changed the limit on that road Sean? :p

    Only time I hit a roo was in my shiny 6 week old car. Clipped the bugger, stopped the car. Saw roo on road. I love animals and felt shite. I mean, I killed a kangaroo. Then he gets up, brushes his arm, looks at me and bounces off. Relieved, I look at car and go, fcuk! Now I didn't feel so bad about hitting him...Over $4000 of damage.
  15. The 80kph speed limit only applies during the day. :grin: There's no cops or speed cameras there after dark. :wink:

    Scummie agreed with me so the theory must be right. :) Besides, it used to be a 100 zone. :?
  16. Cool, I remember that appendix to 'Road Disrules Victoria'. I'll use it in my defence next time. 'But your honour, I was told this by a teacher who wouldn't possibly lie to me' :)
  17. A special ed teacher who chaces his students around the classroom with oversized balloons shouting "Arrggghh! Oh no!" then ticking them. :LOL:

    That'll go down well. :LOL:
  18. Ur a luck bugger? or highly experienced in these sort of situations.

    Good on ya.
    Hows the arm? sure will hurt tomorrow.
  19. you seany are one lucky lil mofo :LOL: shut your eyes? damn with that kangaroo becomes very little issue as compared to truck heading your way? di you buy a lottery ticket? more importantly did you win anything? :LOL:
  20. I'm impressed.... Seany does 'the matrix' around a kangaroo :shock: :p

    Nice work :grin: Hope your arm's still in one piece.