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Sealing the helmet suface (helmet art)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by zidgy, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I recently picked up a nice (slightly scuffed) second hand helmet. Although im content with the size (surprising, since i have an enormous head), im somewhat annoyed by the design (which is some rubbish sport theme).

    Anyway, because my sister (who is doing art in uni) was offended by my offer for her to paint my helmet in a martin-sharp esque design for money (somehow it qualifies as artistic prostitution). Ive been resorted to go for option 2.

    A nice collage consisting of motorcycle racers and f1/top class drivers all glued onto the surface of the hemet (apart from the visor) Primary school style.

    Ive managed to get some glue that works without being a tricky 2 part mix (some loctite instant adhesive, 504 or something), and already sanded down most of the original paint (either some kind of 2pack or possibly a thin coat of clear sealant), and roughed the surface with 40 grit. However i realise that the magazine cutouts will probably rip and tear and become soggy paper mache in the australian climate and wind without intervention in the form of a varnish of sorts.

    However, this is where my knowledge of practical painting ends. I have equipment suitable for painting (compressor, suction style paintgun etc.) however am completely confused as to what to use and how to do it.

    I have a fairly ok steady spray painting hand, and can mask pretty well, But im not sure what varnish would be very clear, what would be hard enough, or be strong enough. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. try and google for 'rice paper' what you can do is print onto this stuff, apply it to the surface then clear coat (2pak) over the top of it. The result will be as if the deign was airbrushed on...if you get it right :p
  3. ah, that would be useful. But unfortunately i cant imagine a printed out collage to look very good.

    This is sort of what im going for http://www.firelands.bgsu.edu/arts/ccct/media/images/caryl_collage-00.jpg

    an image, made of smaller composites of related material (in this case, motorsport icons). but you say a 2 pack clear coat should be able to seal the helmet? How many coats? And is their any specific type of clear coat, or will they all stick to the helmet.