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Sealing of the Jamieson Eildon rd update

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by poor bastard, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Just wanted to give anyone that is interested the heads up on the sealing of the Jamieson Eildon rd.

    This project has been talked about for many years and is now a reality since funding was secured via the Fed government and the Mansfeild shire.

    I am happy to report that work is well under way with the sealing of the remaining 14km section and is on scedule to be finished well before Christmas.

    A lot of people look at this great bit of road but are put off by the section that was unsealed.

    Anyone that has ever sat down with a map of Victoria and considered the options for heading north out of Melbourne for either a good solid day ride,or a more interesting route north via Whitfield and beyond will know that this opens up some great options.:bannanabut

    This is 64km of road that is set to become another of Victoria's great motorcycling roads.Not just a great set of twisties,but through a pretty nice part of Victoria also.

  2. Awesome !!!

    Now I'd only They could keep the gravel off the corners !!!
  3. WooHoo :dance: But shhh!! Don't tell the cage brigade, we will keep it a secret among the motorcyclists. ;)
  4. Even tho it had 13 klms of dirt, the 61 klms of twisties both ends was worth it, now it will be sealed, it will be full of cagers. Short cut to Mansfield,

    Good bye Grouse road, I will have to go else where now,

    What a shame, no cars, no people and no cops.
  5. Will be full of the plod and they'll reduce the speed limit to 60 kmh now because speed kills
  6. Yep, they did the same in the nasho. Reseal saw 100 zones become 60 zones.
  7. be fair. While it may have originally been 100, in my livin memory I cannot remember the natio being 100. Also, the section that has been resealed was 60 before it was resealed. Other patches here and there have been re-sealed, 50-100m at a time type deal, but not the whole road. What did get my goat was the reduction from 80 to 60 and introducing double lines for the length of the interesting parts.
  8. The fellows on advrider were bemoaning this, but as a sealed-road-oriented rider I can only be optimistic - it opens up another fun day ride. As people have said, hopefully it won't become full of slow vehicles and cops. My guess is that it's far away enough from Melbourne that it will be ok except on extended weekends and such.
  9. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to ride mid week.

    There will be an increase in traffic along this road but its far enough out of Melbourne that it wont become another Reefton or Black Spur.

    It will become a great link if your heading north out of Melbourne.

  10. where is it?
  11. String,this is a happy bit of road that runs from Eildon thru to Jamieson in Victoria's northeast.

  12. So the Jamieson - Eildon Road runs from Jamieson to Eildon. Wow! How's that for a coincidence? I mean, what are the odds against that?
  13. A bit more moto paradise would be total sealing of Jamieson thru Woods Point and Jamieson to Heyfield.....
    Doubt I'll live that long and one reason why I'm getting a Vstrom next year.
  14. No worries.
  15. Here's a link to a business case prepared by economists for Mansfield Shire regarding the $3.4 m project to seal the 14 km of dirt on the Jamieson-Eildon Rd.


    Interestingly, motorcyclists are not only acknowledged as users of the road, but part of the justification for sealing the road is to lower the risk to motorcyclists.

  16. Somebody up there likes us, I think. Or IS one of us.

    Now the next one I want them to do is Whitfield to Mt Buffalo.
  17. That is excellent news. Yet another interesting detour for the trip to Melbourne.

    Although what can be a 5 to 6 hour trip to get to my sisters place in Chelsea it may take me 2 (maybe even 3) days.

    Wagga, Tumbarrumba, Jingellic, Granya Gap, Tallangatta, Mt Beauty, Bright, Myrtleford, Whitfield, Mansfield, Jamieson, Eildon and finally the Black Spur or Reefton Spur.
  18. Talking to the people that are doing the road yesterday,
    It will be finished before the end of November,
    It looks grouse,
  19. Good news I suppose. I was a little dissapointed when I first heard it was being selaed though for reasons mentioned - it was nice and quiet with that dirt section.
  20. fully agree, one more great road gone, pussy that want everything sealed ](*,)