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Sealed headlamp unit conversion to h4

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thecptn v1.1, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. As the title describes so, for those who might not be familiar with real old bikes, well the thing is they come with these sealed headlight units, meaning the bulb and lens are one unit, so when it burns out, you have to replace the whole lens and all, and not to forget they generally are dim in comparison to h4s, here is my problem, my old clattered donkey run about sr250 has this very problem, id rather pay a few dollars for a h4 instead of a kidney and a liver that Yamaha will charge me for an original unit, so im thinking with a bit of hacking and what not I can modify an existing h4 lamp to fit the ole bird, if any one has done a h4 conversion on an old bike, my only concern is that the h4 will generate too much heat and set fire to wires, not good, the original unit looks exactly like a h4 with 3 prongs in the same fashion, and its rated at 12v 50/40 watts, any tips or pointers to helping me illuminating my ride home at night?

  2. My advice is to find a generic headlight that will bolt on & take a standard globe, then get a HID kit. Best $150 I ever spent on the bike.

    You can get 35W kits which are (I think) 4 times brighter than a H4 globe, & a 55W version which is X times brighter again, I forget the actual number.

    I got a 55W H4 kit form here http://www.delonixradar.com.au/ before & after sales service & support was second to none.

    (Web addy fixed)
  3. If the existing headlight is the same as the 5 or 7 inch car versions you can purchase a conversion kit easily enough, trouble is the car kits give you two headlights.

    Do a search on HID's as you cannot legally retro fit them to any vehicle not built with them in the first place.

    If the "wattage" figure for the H4 globe is larger than the existing headlight you need to seriously look at setting up a couple of relays to take the pressure of the OEM wiring.
  4. Thanks for the advice, although fitting a HID kit sounds very desirable, it sounds like too much cash outlay (for now), after doing some more research, it appears some dudes on an SR forum found out that a virago headlight fits with minor modification to the lamp housing, my only concern being that the original wiring is 25 years old now, and the heat generated could pose a problem, any how, Pdva, it is a 7 inch lamp last time I checked, I will look into that.
  5. If your original light is 50/40, then you'd have no problem running an H4 60/55 as long as the wiring is in good condition. I did a similar conversion on a GS450 years ago.
  6. If its 7 inch, Take your light (Glass only) to the car wreckers and get a replacement car one,
    They are all nearly the same.
    The only problem will be that car ones shine to one side,
    Even a 7 inch spotlight will do. they dont have the side light deflecters, and what cop will be able to tell the difference,
    They have the same filaments,
    I put H7 globes in my Monaro and never had any problems with heat,
    I cant remember, but my Bonnie had 6 or 7 inch round lights and H7 100/55 Daylights,
    You can always put 2 lights on it, one above the other, Bottom 55 amps, top 60 or 100 amps.
    Spot lights off cars are the go, My bonnie had two rectangular ones, Looked very sharp.
  7. Thanks for that, did not know that car headlamps where interchangeable, only problem I can find with that is that I might unknowingly get a dud light from the wreckers, but if there cheap, the spot light idea sounds the most ideal I think, the original light just plain sucks, so brighter is better, I will look into that.
  8. If you use an HID kit without a proper projector housing (i.e. spending hundreds if not more than $1000 on the entire new housing alone) you're a ******** and a menace to your fellow motorcyclists. You will also get defected.
  9. You are looking at getting a reflector from the wreckers, the H4 bulb is separate, so as long as the reflector is shiny its all good.
  10. anyone done a h4 6k conversion on a newer motorycle? im having an issue with my headlights not turning on with my new h4 kit, i've been told it's because i have 15 amp fuses instead of 20's (09 r1), but is that going to put too much pressure on my electricals? im a genuine newb with all this electrical talk...
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    HID conversion? Not the fuses, just not enough juice to light the HID's initially. I have since fitted a HID Projector system & when I got it, same thing, sometimes wouldn't fire.

    I made up a timer relay to fire the HID up after the engine, but after a day or so, the bulb settled in & it wasn't a problem!

    I've got a spare timer circuit I could sell you if you wanted.