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Seal for Front brake master cylinder thingy?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Paulie, May 31, 2005.

  1. Hey Hey all,

    Quick question..... On my gpx250 I have some fluid leaking from the top of the brake master box thingy which is located o the right hand side of the handle-bars...... I'm hoping thats its just the seal? Cause brakes seem to be working fine up front its just leaking from the top..... I know its probably hard to answer this question without actually looking at the problem, but do you experts think it sounds like its just the seal from the top??


    I rang parramatta kawasaki and they ordered a seal for me $19.45 but aparently if that doesn't fix it I'll probably have to replace what ever else is in that little box and thats like $200 or something... kinda scared.

    I have a few hankerchiefs wrapped around the box at the moment to absord the leaking liquid and conserve my paint getting srtipped, I took the bike for a fang to wisemans ferry yesterday and the brakes were fine.

    Thanks again! :)
  2. Yo, sounds like the seal.
    But...when taking it apart to change the seal, check the bore that the piston runs in thoroughly.
    Any corrosion and it's NOT worth putting the new seal in. It won't last long.
    Instead of buying a new master-cylinder, check around at some Auto-Brake Services, they can (or at least have contact with) engineering mobs that can re-sleeve the bore with a stainless steel sleeve at well under half-price what you were quoted there. It's better than new.
  3. mate
    the master cylinders on Gpx2fiddies leak from 2 spots
    the top like yours and the piston connection which is down the bottom
    the top seal from Parramatta Kwaka will be the go

    btw you may find the screws holding the top on a bit stuck, like tight
    ..they all do that....and the best solution is the philips head
    screwdriver into the screw and then hit the head of the 'driver with a hammer..it shocks the screw and makes it easy to get off