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seagull lol

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Netterhead1, Sep 26, 2010.

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    when i was on my Ps i hit a kookaburra, bloody thing broke my mirror but i guess lucky it didnt hit me lol.

  2. Ive hit a magpie in a group of them that all took off as i came along, unfortunately in the same direction i was going, so i couldnt avoid them, but also fortunately at the same time... as the speed differential was only about 15kph, no biggie.

    Several years ago my uncle hit a galah at *coughs*200kph, straight into his helmet. It was a draw, both galah and helmet died. Uncle had very sore neck for a while, and a few cuts on his face from broken pieces of visor, and lots of bird guts all over his face.
  3. did he come off?
  4. I have hit a kookaburra at 100, but it was the bike it hit not me, They are tough birds got stuck between the forks still alive and as i pulled over it hopped out and started noiseilly telling me off, Luckilly a passerby worked for wores and took it away, a very good stroke of luck there
  5. Love the slo-mo "Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaarck"
  6. hahahahahahhaha omg i laughed so hard at that!!! i was like, don't end yet! he needs to say fuuuuuuuuck in slow mo :p :rofl:
  7. He's probably glad it didn't hit his hand if it was enough to wind him!

    My closest encounter of the bird kind was a friendly rosella who decided to tap the top of my helmet with it's wing as we crossed paths. Glad I was at the lowest apex of ducking otherwise I would've been served a visor full of feathers.
  8. I had a very close call..read millimeters..with a Rainbow Lorikeet..my only thought as I ducked down was.."this will be colourful"
  9. I hit a cockatoo at 100kph outside Oxley.


    Hurt like f**k.
  10. Cool helmet 'graphics', QuarterWit..hope you were ok after that hit !
  11. Yeah, I was alright! Damn lucky I saw him at the last minute and dipped my head which pushed my head back quite hard, but didn't flick my neck back, if you know what I mean? That fine white powder was on the helmet for quite a while.
  12. I ended up putting similar 'wing' patterns on a propeller blade once. Just as I was about to land a small aircraft on a dirt strip south of Alice Springs, a stupid galah decides to measure up to a spinning propeller, quickly decapitating it.
    Shocking experience, though never felt the pain you did mate !
    Did leave me with some interesting thoughts on the way back to Alice (and no - it wasn't to chase down more stupid galahs!!!) :)
  13. Ha! Bird strikes can be a pretty big problem for aircraft, can't they?

    I remember hearing about falcons being used around some airports to scare them away.
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  15. Is that seriously feather dust!? Ouch! How was the bird?
  16. Yep, that's feather dust. He left a perfect impression right around my head. The bird was stuffed, I had to finish him off. :nopity:
  17. 'Least you bothered to put him out of his misery.

    Mind you.. I do think that rather looks good as a print for a helmet.
  18. Should of taken it to get airbrushed... cool pattern!