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sea foam

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by knibbsta, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I have been looking everywhere for sea foam!
    anyone know where i can find some?

  2. Floating on top of the sea perhaps? :LOL:
  3. May be worth a shot.
  4. wtf is sea foam?
  5. :LOL:

    ....seriously, what is sea foam? I'm guessing some sort of cleaner??
  6. Engine treatment gunk. Cleans fuel systems, upper cylinder lubricant, that swort of thing.
    Dunno where you'd get it though. Probably something similar available in Repco, Autobarn etc.
  7. Just use Optimax on a regular basis.
  8. :shock:
    What friggen crack pipe are you guys toking!?
  9. Yeah, I wondered the same
  11. I too find that the sky falls down whenever I use the wrong brand of petrol.
  12. How do you manage to get out of the way then?
  13. No can do. Everyone dies.
  14. Woah!!! No need to be so dramatic!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :p
  15. I had a 7 series BMW (as you would) and they raved about it on the forum,
    Ive copuldnt find it here in Aus, however i remeber using it in 1984 or so on my V8 Torana,

    Do not Run optimax, Shell put out a mem stating that it is a dense fuel and unless the bike is rejetted or the fule inject system is a closed loop type (o2 sensor in exuast) you have to mod fuel injection.

    It also goes off within a couple of weeks and will lose its bang (it doesont matter so much in a car as there a larger volume of fuel but a bike will not cope)

    it will also foul the plugs
  16. the only product in aus is subaru upper engine cleaner available at the subaru dealer and is about $16 a can

    plenty of vids on youtube about seafoam