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SE Qld Road Closures?

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by ametha elf, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Since so many of our local roads are washed out and still closed, where are Brissy riders heading out to? As far as I know, Mt Mee is now open, but the other roads we ride through are not. - Mt Glorious, Splityard Creek, Esk to Hampton, Maleny to Kenilworth, Kilcoy. Does anyone know when these roads should be reopened? I look on the RACQ road closure site, but they dont really give much info. I know theres so much work to be done everywhere here, and I am patient, but I just dont know where to ride these days!

  2. Obi Obi is still closed too. Bugger. Malaney - K was just a small slide so I would think soon with that one.... well I am hoping. Cant wait any longer for my stiches to come out...neeeeeed a ride. I am going out to Eumundi the sarvo for a ride and to see a mate so I might just have to have a look. Friends went out the Cooroy Ridgwood and out the Skyring on the weekend and said it was pretty bad with crap over the road and holes.
  3. I'm going to head up Mt Glorious this arvo. I think it's only closed up towards the top. I'll report back this afternoon.

    Anyone else got any updates on what is open and rideable at the moment?
  4. How'd it go? Thinking of going up tomorrow
  5. It's open. Heaps of bikes up yesterday. In parts is closed to one lane because of landslides etc and you have to wait but otherwise ok. I did't go over the back but I was going to head up again today and see if the back is open.
  6. The RACQ site shows the road is closed somewhere down on the nice twisty bits on the western side or out to the T junction but we want to ride through there Wednesday, so Im really looking out for your post about the other side of Glorious now, Mr Luke, as probably a lot of other people are too.
  7. It's closed about 1km into the rainforest on the other side past the cafes heading toward the T. The East side (nearest the Gap) is fine save for a few potholes and a bit of dirt here and there but we've learnt to deal with sh*t roads in Queensland (right?).

    Just a reminder school went back today so 40kmph through Nebo. There was a but of traffic too - e.g. The middle-aged business man pushing the Tarago to it's limits etc. God bless.....
  8. Ta for that info, Mr Luke.
  9. Yep, on the way up glorious there is about 3 spots that turns into 1 lane.

    And about 1-2kms after the cafe it was closed off. Wasn't too much of a fun ride yesterday :(
  10. For anyone interested, Mt Mee is open although there are 2 places going up the southern end where it is one way. Bit of gravel on one of the northern corners as well. Somerset Dam is open but there is some gravel and dirt in places, nothing too dramatic though. Somerset to Splityard Creek is closed (what a shame), Somerset to Esk closed at Mt Beppo Rd although there is a detour there to Toogoolawah. Somerset Dam was like a ghost town yesterday and it was Strayda Day and all.
  11. Anyone got an update on all these roads need to go up that way and want some fun along the way ( particularly Mt nebo and Glorious
  12. Mt Nebo is fine. Mt Glorious is open right through but there are traffic control lights and one way traffic about half way along. Mt Mee is open but has traffic control lights and one way in one or two places. Splityard Creek is open all the way through. I hear Esk to Hampton is open (finally) but we havent been through there for a while.
  13. good news thank you(y)