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Se/qld Brisbane 1krr rider..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Elogov, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Morning all, just saying a friendly "hello" from brissy, thought I'd join up seeing as I'm always riding week days/ends with the same people thought I'd broaden my horiZion & see who else rides in the area. That & to tap into some more knowledge from the experienced riders as I'm fairly new to riding litre bikes...

  2. Welcome along! I'm down on the southeast bayside myself. Whenever we can a group of us meet up and go for a burn through some of our famous country roads, keep an eye out in the ride/events section and see about coming along.

    Cheers, Keith
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  3. Welcome to NR ElogovElogov mate there are a number of great people down your way that are always doing something. I've recently had the pleasure of doing a ride or two with them. Plenty of helpful people and overall not a bad crowd to be associated with take it easy and enjoy the ride.
  4. ,

    All I needed to hear haha, found to many sites with us/Europe riders glad to know this is an Aussie forum that's also "active" as well
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  5. Thanks Keith, I'll have to have a look into the ride section can't say I've found it yet ,

    I personally live at manly near wynum & every second weekend I'm up tambourine/ glorious can't say I've riden anywhere else as I'm from cairns
  6. There are a lot of Mexicans on here as well but they're a pretty good bunch as well and of course we can't leave out the cockroaches.
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  7. Mate you're missing out on soooo much there are a heap of great rides to be done from where you are. teefteef would be more than willing to show you a few I'm sure.
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  8. New there had to be a few gem roads out here I couldn't find, veered off too many main roads wasting km's just to find a straight road Leading to another straight road going no where...

    I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the fella!, thanks again!.
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  9. Too easy I spend a bit of time wandering around down that way myself you never know we may catch up one day. Till then enjoy.
  10. Yeah mate, happy to go for a blast and so you all the mischief roads around here!
  11. Welcome to NR ElogovElogov. Always up for a ride around the hinterlands. I'm down in Vicky Point and teefteef is halfway between.
  12. too easy!, well seeing as Vic point is basically just around the corner of you ever have a spur of the moment ride just send a PM, Doesnt take much to convince me to get on the bike for a ride haha
  13. Often do! Bike needs go the shop on Monday cause some wanker backed into and brake light is stuck on now - should be back on her early next week - still sounds so long away!
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  14. welcome aboard :)
  15. Welcome to NR