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[SE Melb] Bike won't start need mechanic recommendations plz

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by fmu, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Any thoughts on where I should or shouldn't go? I can get a tow truck to anywhere reasonably close to where I live (Cheltenham). Last time I took my bike in for a service was to A1 in Brighton but they seemed awfully busy there. On the first visit they forgot my bike altogether until I arrived to pick it up :eek: On the second, when I told them about my problems starting it up in the morning, it didn't start up after I rode it to work :LOL: I think that they just did a major service (as we agreed) and sort of forgot about what I said about trouble starting up hehe. Of course, with my limited mechanical knowledge (read: nil) I can't blame them for it. &%*# happens. So, any recommendations or warnings?

    P.S. Once again not bagging A1 in Brighton - I'm sure that there is a reasonable explanation for what happened. It's just that I don't want to take it there if they may be too busy to take a closer look at what the problem is.

  2. I have actually ridden past that place but forgot all about it :roll: Seems like a great place to go. Thanks a lot undii!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. Re: [SE Melb] Bike won't start need mechanic recommendations

    I don't know about you, but for any place that is in the service industry, it's their JOB to know and remember. I know I wouldn't tolerate a resturant where waiters keep spilling their drinks on me, I wouldn't return.
    It's their job to remember what went wrong, or what you want looked at. Failing that, then it's their job to ensure that they write it or keep a log so that they remember. I understand if they got kept out because of another job that took longer, but forgetting something that a customer has specifically requested? I don't know, maybe you can tolerate having to wait longer and coming back for something you've mentioned, but I just can't. I'd be worried that one day they'd forget something that will cause an accident on my bike. :(

    Ah well, to each their own. *shrug*
  4. Re: [SE Melb] Bike won't start need mechanic recommendations

    Jeff Taylor Honda/Yamaha in Dandenong.
  5. Re: [SE Melb] Bike won't start need mechanic recommendations

    LOL, of course you are right Grunge. I just didn't want to make too big of a deal over something that *could*, *possibly* be an honest mistake but, yes, ultimately it is their responsibility to sort out the issues raised by the customer rather than ignore (or forget :grin:) them. And, yes I don't really want to go back to them after those two separate incidents. But Performance Bikes & Watercraft sounds good!
  6. + 1, I get my bike serviced there, good price, damn good work
  7. Well, I called Michael and he seemed like a really great guy. As busy as he is he wasn't too busy to have a chat about the problems I am having. I am dropping my bike off tomorrow and from what I have read I have nothing to worry about :D Thanks a lot guys! It's great to have first-hand reports so I don't have to get fobbed off by people who think that I am just a n00b...hold on...I *am* a n00b! :grin: Thanks again and I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. These guys sound like the place to go when your bike needs fixing.

    Excellent customer service, knowledable and highly approachable.

    Wish I lived down that way. :(

    Word of mouth is a highly effective way of advertising :)
  9. fmu - I can't emphasise this enough

    Give Mick a call at

    Performance Bikes & Watercraft
    2/43 Cochranes Rd Moorabbin
    ph - 95555088

    their service is outstanding, their quality of work is first class. These guys really really take their job seriously and their priority is your satisfaction. I have had no-one else touch my 3 bikes, and each and every one of those bikes have been in exemplary condition and state of repair.

    On my first ever visit to them (as a brand new rider), Mick did a minor service and when i picked the bike up spent 45 minutes with me from front tyre to rear explaining everything I needed to know about the bike, it's care, and general upkeep that I needed to do at home in order to keep it in good nick.

    This is a rare find in the world of mechanics. Again, I can't emphasise it strongly enough that you call Mick.

    And in case you or anyone else is wondering, no, I have nothing to do with the business in any way.
  10. oh, I see the link posted up the top is to a thread specifically about Performance Bikes & Watercraft ....

  11. X2

    Single best mechanic i have ever delt with (Car and Bike)
  12. I heard that Michael won't be at Performance Bikes as of tomorrow or Friday... heard that he's opening or taking over a bike shop in or around Brighton :?

    Not sure about the reliability of this information, anyone else heard this??
  13. but no longer from what I've heard on the rumour mill :(
  14. I actually took my bike in this morning and he did mention that they are moving to a shop in Brighton on the Nepean Highway. I believe that will be in a week or so from what he said. When I pick up my bike I will find out the address of the new place and let you guys know...unless someone else beats me to it :p
  15. Well, Michael called me this morning about my bike. Apparently the problem is simply the cheap battery I have in it. He tried another one and it worked fine. But, to stay on topic, I am very happy with the service so far. They call when they say they will and they don't give you any BS. Two thumbs up!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. Pssst, don't forget to get their new address in brighton.
  17. Never fear! FMU is here! :LOL: I will definitely get the new address. Now I know where to go when I next need a service or to get something fixed. I know I'm harping on it but it *is* great to have some first hand reports on where you can go for an honest, reliable mechanic. So...thanks again for pointing me in the right direction everyone! :cool:
  18. Just in case anyone hasn't seen it yet there is another thread called "Performance Bikes & Watercraft - CLOSED. But...." which has their address details etc