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SDB 250 dirt bikes on ebay?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by damien613, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. hey guys,

    I'm looking for a cheap entry bike into dirt / motorcross riding and saw these on ebay - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/SDB-ENDURO-P...iewItem&pt=AU_Motorcycles&hash=item5d2990bdc9


    can anyone tell me if these are a good entry type bike? are the motors made in an reputable factory and not just cheap pieces of shit that'll burn out after a good hard ride?

    they seemed to be good value compared to something second hand / old and that had been beaten around already with work needed to get mechanically sound. another bike I was looking at was a 2000 suzuki rm 250 currently at 1000 however needs a new rear tire and has oil leaks! not being overly mechanically minded I dont want to end up with a nightmare bike that'll cost me another thousand to get ridable...

    thanks for your time..


  2. i wouldn't go near these bikes at all.

    at least you can get parts for real bikes, try walking into your local bike shop to get piston and rings or rear shock linkage bearings for a SDB. haha i would love to see what happens.

    just because they are new, doesn't mean that they wont break. a mate of mine bought some ebay special bike and on its first ride it flogged the sprocket bolts out in the hub, bent both the rims and seized up. needless to say, his $1,100 special was worthless. we went over the bike to make sure everything was right before we went and it just fell to pieces.

    rm 250 would be way way better. more power, less weight, more reliable. you might get some problems with it, but you certainly wont be problem free with a chinese rip off.

    the ergonomics of the most of the chinese bikes are so far out of the ballpark that you can't even learn the basics on them.
  3. I suggest you buy the suzuki rm 250 over these 2 bikes. You will end up spending more on those ebay bikes to get half decent parts then you would end up spending to get that RM 250 flying again...

    Stick with the big brands for MX eg. yamaha, suzuki, kwaka, honda or it will end in tears. If you ever want to race the ebay bikes will not cut it. RM 250 will be fine.
  4. Run fast and run far. Get a used RM250 or something.

    This RM250 you're looking at, needing a new rear tire and with oil leaks is still far better than one of these, and will last your lifetime.

    These SDB things will last about a month. And it will be hell to get parts. There's a chinese motorbike shop near my house and still couldn't get parts I needed for my PoS quad. Now it's in the hands of the next sucker. 8-[

    These bikes are far more expensive than real bikes, time and money-wise.

    Stick with the big brands.
  5. That does sound sirius.

    Siriusly, it good to hear a real story rather than just conjecture on the Chinese products. though to be fair you should let us know the exact brand.