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Scuse me sir?? I have a question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CFVFR, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Hi all.
    For all us Newbies out there and the ones that need miltiatary planning to join a ride. Are there rides in Spring/early Summer that are already in the pipeline?
    As I work in hospitality, it's near impossible to join one on short notice.
    Oh you Mon to Fri brigarde, how I envy you!! :) :)
    'and it's goodnight from him'
    :p Cam

  2. Organise one or two yourself!
    Build it, and they will come... :wink:
  3. Agreed. It pays to be pro-active.
  4. You have the mystery ride every thursday, I am sure it will be happening in Spring as well :)
  5. Organise a hospitality workers ride!

    I'm stuck in the same position
  6. And not pro-pilot
  7. Cheap shot!

    but funny:LOL:

  8. Thanks for that guys.
    Unfortuneatly most of my rides on a decent bike were done in NSW so not too aware of the areas down here. Would like to have done the gippsland on. I am so sad, :shock: havent even taken the ferry over to Queenscliff yet. How bad is that?
  9. chefcam, you need to get into support services! Aged care/hospitals/etc are not the glitzyness of being in a resteraunt, but the pay is similar, and the hours much better!

    Anytime you want to organise a chefs run, I'll try and be in it.
  10. whore-driver would pay for people to socialise with him. Sad freak that he is. :)
  11. :LOL: +1
  12. we chefs should make our own little bikie gang.
    hate the complete lack of regular free time but love the job. :grin:
    what state u other cheffies in??
  13. you should be able to cook up SOMETHING.....
  14. Well watch this space :shock:
  15. HHAA HHAA!! There goes my spleen. :LOL: :LOL: :shock: :shock:
    'I only get angry when beating eggs and whipping cream.
    Yeah Baby!
  16. Im 'Victoia
    2nd Chef Moonah Links Resort.

  17. If it's a weekly roster you are stuck on, it is possible to post up a <short notice> ride if you only have a couple of days. Try to head towards more traditional areas, or depart north of franger if you want a good chance for more riders.

    Best of luck. (And if I get the bike all serviced and good to go, work pending I'll come for a peninsula blat (furthest i've gotten was dromana.. and the ferry in the cage. And no, I haven't done Art's seat... :p)
  18. Quite a few good twisties around Red Hill.
    Just watch out :shock: for the wankers in cardies coming out of the wineries at 20kmh. :roll: