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Scumbags stole my Bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yamahapat, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Woke up Sunday morning to that horrible feeling when you realise that your bike is no longer where you parked it............and when it is parked in a locked backyard with 8 foot fences it makes the matter even worse.

    Bike is an '05 WR250f that had just hit 2000 k's and I only had it for 4 months. The scum that stole it went to a lot of effort to get to it and somehow didn't wake the 5 dogs and 3 people that were sleeping inside.

    The thing that really gets me is that the bike was in dirt only mode and had none of the indicators or lights on it, basic on off controls, and no number plate. So whoever stole it can never ride it on the street and a WR250 with no street parts will sure stand out on the dirt. So if anyone hears of a WR250 going cheap in the northern suburbs of Adelaide please let me know because I am very keen to meet whoever has my bike.

    As for the dogs........they will never be sleeping inside again!!!!

    I now have the agonising wait for my Insurance company to do what they need to do for me to get another bike. Looks like i will be stuck in a cage for all my travels for the next few weeks.

  2. That sucks :(

    Hopefully it's just some bored kids who too it for a joyride and you get it back undamaged.
  3. mate that sucks!!!

    My boyfriend's brother goes trail riding quite a lot, I'll ask him to keep an eye out.
  4. hope the pricks get caught,is it insured???
  5. I am afraid to say most dirt bikes are never found again mainly because there not registered.
    I understand how you feel as I have had a few bikes stolen. Two dirt and two road bikes. I only got the two road bikes back damaged.
    I hope you find your bike. :evil:
  6. The bike has full comprehensive insurance but once the payout goes through and pays off the loan I took out to buy the bike I will be left with only about $2000.

    Spewing because I traded in 2 bikes for $5500 to use as a deposit to buy the new 1. So now I basically lose my deposit and will be left with $2k to use for the new bike. So because of some scum I am now about $3k behind when I go to get my next bike.

  7. That sucks mate. Nothing worse than getting something so valuable stolen.

    Dont most insurance companies have new for old replacement if bthe bike is less than 2 years old? Id look into this with your insurance. Also, most insurance companies send the check to you, not your finanace company. That means you can continue paying the bike off and use the check to go buy a new one.
  8. sorry to hear pat, that sucks on every level. Hope you get it back unharmed.
  9. I hope it breaks down on the low-life buzzards on a stinking-hot day when they are 100kms away from the nearest help, over a crocodile-infested river, when they've run out of water and fuel and no-one knows where they are....

    And all to fund some scum's drug habit, I suppose...
  10. god damn arsehats! :evil:
  11. Makes me think Netrider could have a stolen bike register with VIN & engine numbers listed?
  12. As he said, this is almost always from some one who knows you - offer a handy reward - these people are obviously scum and will maybe dob on each other to get the reward - or they will consider it a randsom and bring the bike back with some BS story about finding - belt the crap of them, give them nothing and carry on :)
  13. The person who stole your bike... 95% chance they know who you are and will be an acquintance that has been to your house a few times. Maybe even a shifty friend.
  14. That sucks mate...fingers crossed you'll get it back - or at least a fairer share of the payout...

    Karma...they'll get whats coming to em...
  15. It can also be related to where you bought it or got it serviced. I had a bike stolen years ago and the first question the cops asked was did I use a cetain local workshop (since out of business). I had...

    They were somewhat suspicious because they'd had about six thefts of bikes that had had mods done at this particular workshop. A mechanic working for him left town in a hurry not long afterwards - it turned out he was putting the word out to his mates who'd do the theft (unknown to the owner of the workshop). Unfortunately it didn't get any of the bikes back...

  16. That's terrible. :( Hope you get sorted out with a new bike or the old one back soon. :)
  17. Scumbag! You bastard! :shock:

    Give it back right NOW!
  18. Man thats gotta suck big time :mad:

  19. Such a thing was released at the Bike Expo last year....can't remember the address but my bike is in there.
  20. Would it really hurt to have another? Once you've lost a bike that wasn't insured :cry: you want to do as much as you can to get it back.