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Scum of the earth }:/

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fishyben, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. had a great morning today, got up a 7:00 to go to work for a few hours and some AR**HOLE had got into my van and made off with all my hand tools :evil:
    This really sh*ts me as being a plumber your tools are your livelyhood, and have taken 15 years to get them all.
    Dumb sh*ts move $2500 worth of power / battary tools and a $3500 drain cleaning machine to get the two toolboxs out, i supose i should be greatful they only took the tools and not the drills and stuff.
    Still im a big beliver in karma. so they'll get theirs :mad:

    Ben, the toolless plumber

    oh! Happy new year to you all.

  2. Have you got any insurance that will cover it? I've had things stolen from my cars before, and it makes you feel violated. Adelaide can be a small place sometimes, keep your eyes and ears out for cheap tools and you might just find the culprit.
    I found out who stole my things due to their big mouth, and I force fed them karma quite a few times after that.
  3. Arse picks !! hope they get hit by a bus, better still hope the bus stops on there head. Cant stand low life theives.. infact anybody who touches someone elses property is lower than low.. Hope it doesnt inconvienience you to much..
  4. Keep an eye out in your local cash converters or similar outlets.

    I despise theives that violate others by stealing their stuff.
  5. damn dude thats sucks....

    gettin stuff stolen id never nice...

    but yeah watchout for yo stuff at the local 2nd hand stores as mentioned
  6. Take wry solace from the fact if they had taken your $2500 drill, they would have moved it on for $50.

    Sucks losing hand tools though. It takes ages to break new ones in, and get truly comfortable with them.

    All the best luck from here on, Ben.
  7. ebay as well
  8. Got my car broken into about ten years back. I was at the local swimming pool at 5:30am trying to get fit and someone tried to take the lock off with a crowbar, when the lock didn't give they smashed the back window. They made off with $5 in change that was in the ashtray, and it cost me $35 for a new lock and $70 for a new window. Bastards. For $5 it cost me over $100 and all the hassle of reporting to the police etc and they didn't give a stuff, didn't even come outside the copshop to look at the damage. Sheer apathy. Sucks big time, Sorry you had your livelihood affected, must piss you off to the max.
  9. I had someone attempt to break into my car to pinch the stereo about 4 weeks ago on a Saturday night. Bastards put a screwdriver through the lock. When that didn't work they tried to peel the handle back but still failed to get in. I reported it to the cops and they said I was the 34th report in Morphett Vale for the night. My next door neighbour got done as well. They ripped his stereo clean out but left all his tools (he is a builder) in the back.

    Two weeks later the bastards tried again. This time in the arvo between 5:30 and 6:30 while I was home stuffing around on the drums. They pulled the whole handle out of the door this time but still failed to get in. If I didn't have my magna and had a commondore or falcon I doubt i'd still have a stereo. Needless to say my car is locked away under the garage all the time now.
  10. Heh, somebody broke into my old kingswood in the middle of the city, made off with $3 in parking change and a johnny farnham tape... And left a doona in the back seat that I'd never seen before.

    Made a nice base for Penfold's basket.

    <---That's Penfold.
  11. I think $5 is the going rate to dispose of a John Farnham tapes these days, you got it cheap!

  12. So Penfold is a Polar Bear? I'm sure I read that somewhere :p
  13. On the subject of theft...I'm already getting enquiries about my bike and now a little paranoid that someone may come around to look at it, see its parked outside and decide it would be just as easy to come back later and steal it :?

    I have two locks on it, but its in the open at the back of my unit.

    I'm thinking it might be a good idea to meet in a nearby location for potential sales? How do you think that would go down?

    I have no insurance for theft so not very trustful of this situation.
  14. about 8 years ago i had my whole stero taken out of my car and it was my pride and i worked my ass of to get it not only did they take the stereo, cds... they took my baby capsule (insert the F word here)
    and i had a 2 month old baby and working as an apprentice baker
    i hate thieves and if i ever find someone tryin again to steal any of my stuff i swear they will be fingerless!!!!! or even better headless :twisted:

    its hard enough saving to get the stuff but to let some low life scum break into a car and take it just give the shits
  15. Advertise with your mobile number and when you organise for people to look at it, give them a mates address and have it there waiting for them. :wink:
  16. try making an appointment to meet them somewhere to look at it. been in car trade and that works for me. Take it to their place if need be.