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Scum of society.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bambam_101, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. The recent bushfire tragedy has brought out some inspiring stories in the papers, news programs, radio stations and even forums such as this of the kindness, compassion, good will and generosity that human beings are capable of. And to most, we deserve a pat on the back. But, events such as this also bring out the worst in some people.

    Firstly, you get the rubbernecks that just wanna see whats happening and generally, just getting in the way and hindering those trying to help.

    Secondly, you get the looters. Absolute scum and I hope nobody disagrees with me in saying that they are the lowest of the low.

    Thirdly, you get the scum stealing donations from bars, cafes and where ever the opportunity presents itself.

    Fourthly, you get the bogus charities set up to blatantly steal money thats been donated out of good will. This is a pre-meditated act. Not like a junkie seeing a jar of money and swiping it. These are thought out and enforced plans to deceive people. Filth.

    Fifthly, you get $#@@ !$@$# property investors calling up fire victims and realestate agents not 2 days after, trying to buy "scorched land" from the victims. Some even blatantly admitting that there would be some desperate people out there that will need the money. Therefor, offer them fugg all for their land and they should take it! CUN$S!!!!

    Sixthly, you get %@# %%@@$@ landlords trying to charge DOUBLE their regular rates to rent their properties to fire victims in the area.

    Lastly, now i read in the paper of some stupid biatch falsely claiming her father had died in the fires in order to claim a $10000 compensation payout. This is AFTER she had already claimed a $5000 funeral grant from centerlink.

    I honestly dont know how some people look at themselves in the mirror in the morning.

    Oh, i forgot,

    I rang up to offer temporary accommodation for fire victims and one of the questions asked on the phone was "are we seeking any kind of re-imbursement or payment for the room?". I laughed and said of course not. Why? The lady said that alot of people had been offering rooms to the victims but only if they were paid correctly for it. So now, they had to ask everyone.

    Sorry, just needed to vent about some of the absolute scum of society that have reared their ugly heads in the past week.
  2. I can think of no reason not to shoot such people on your property.
  3. Well said.
  4. I can think of no reason not to shoot such people on their property.
  5. That's bloody disgusting, if i were living on my own I would offer up my place. I can't believe that people would ask for money from people who have nothing left...

    This world needs an evolution of morality.
  6. I can. The 'goodfellas method'.
  7. I thought this was going to be a thread about cagers!

    especially the THREE this morning (one who overtook me on a single lane roundabout, one who didnt head check and almost took out my rear wheel, and one who pulled out on me from a road on the left. i anticipated and blasted my horn at all three, with appropriate recoveries from the drivers.

    the last one was almost a terrible accident, cause the guy stopped sideways across the road (i proceeded around the rear of his car) and a laden semi-trailer blasting along on the other side almost took him out at a good 80 kliks.


    but yeah, totally agree with your assessment surrounding the scum of the bushfire tradgedy.
  8. I can - you should take them somewhere else and shoot them so it can't be traced back... :LOL:
  9. woah, woah.


    sounds like youve done this before.....

  10. Hey - I live in Brunsawick... I've gotta these neighbours, you know... :cool: :LOL:
  11. Don't be lead around by the nose, by the Murdock press so readily. People will only sell if the have too or want too.

    If someone needs to raise money by selling their land, then they would be in trouble if someone wasn't ready to buy.

    Also this story came about after real estate agents told the paper about investors ringing up. You can bet they only passed on the information, because they want to get better fees when the land value goes up, or they fear that people will sell without going through an agent.

    Repeat after me "I will not believe what is written in a Murdock publication"
  12. Scumbags are crawling out of the woodwork.Shoot 'em all.

  13. Ahhh, see youre saying NOT to believe anything written in the publication. Whereas, I believe in some things published. I understand that they may hype things up for ratings/sales but I know what property investors are like (up there with used car salesman) and I can fully see people out there expecting that they will be able to grab a bargain. If people need to sell, then fine, it may help them out, but these investors wouldnt be purchasing the land to help the victim out, they would be purchasing it because the poor guy is in need (the fire victim) and the buyers profit margin just skyrocketed!

    Now, repeat after me, "I will not be so cynical. Not everything published is false". :LOL: :p
  14. :applause: bambam..... nuff said really, fecking aholes... :evil:
  15. Was a proud moment on a very sad event, where aussies banded together united to hep those in need. It's just unfortunate that times like these also bring out our 'bottom dwellers' just as a reminder of the scum that's out there waiting for opportunities to shaft the innocent.
    May Karma come around to collect what's due.
  16. I totally agree with you there, no different to traffic rubbernecks, all they do is slow people down who may need to get there to help.

    These people will never cease to exist, these are the ones whom probably break into peoples houses to steal stuff thats not theirs. Very Low People.

    I actually think this is worse than the looters. Even tho its hard to put a difference on looting and stealing donated funds, I still believe this is worse and I can't stand people stealing donations.

    Even tho you say Bogus Charities, I can actually remember an event overseas where the RED CROSS had done a huge appeal for donations, food ect... Then after someone looked into them, the RED CROSS only delivered about 50% of what was donated and kept the rest in there own bank accounts for "Other places that required assistance" This i feel is a joke, if I am sending in a donation to help out the latest appeal, I want all those funds going directly there. After this I will never donate to Red Cross. I give my funds to the Salvation Army.

    Its unfortunate and not totally morraly correct. However after such a had time for the people affected by this fire, some will just simply want to go away from it. Most of those people would simply just off load the land at a cheap price to go somewhere else fast. No one is forcing anyone to sell there property.

    No different to what happened from 2004? All the house prices go up beyond reach of the normal person.... Rents went through the roof too.
    Whilst some are scum landlords not all are. To house a family ontop of your own requires money, and a reasonable sum of it. There are always two sides to 1 story... The media have been playing "emotions" for the last 2 weeks.

    Sorry if this post doesn't appeal to some, I really feel for the Vic bush fire victims, I have donated to try and help. I just think the media is playing everyone at the moment. No different to when they rip into anyone that may or may not have done the right thing and only show 1 side of the story.
  17. There's an article on MediaWatch about how the media got access to people's property before the people themselves.

    Far enough that we have the media coverage to thank for getting the donations in, but to sensationalise and stomp on basic rights in doing so is a bit of a stretch.
  18. goes to show just how great some of us are. imo there is a huge gap between those who actually care about others in this country and those who are in it for themelves only..
  19. I can't see how people would sell if they didn't want too or need too. So how are the investors taking advantage of them? The investors are not forcing them to sell.

    Would it be better if no-one offered them money for their property? What would the value be like then?

    I don't like property investors either, but I don't think they belong in your list.
  20. other than the fact that the house that may have used to stand on a block is gone / destroyed the land value as such should be very similar if not the same.