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SCUBA diving with sharks on Anzac day...anyone interested?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mustlovebikes, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. My old dive buddy has moved away and Im looking for anyone interested in coming along with me to a dive at Magic Point, Sydney. Its a double boat dive plus lunch, just off Maroubra for $85.

    Its a dive to a depth of 15m and the highlight is the 10 or so grey nurse sharks that hang out there. They literally swim up to you and smell you! Im taking my camera so we can get some unreal pictures.

    A different type of adrenalin from the type the bike provides!

    So far there are 6 places left on the boat but they usually fill up fast. Let me know asap if you are interested. You have to at least have your Open Water certification to do this dive.
  2. I dunno why you haven't had any takers, but put the shots up, won't you.
  3. I will put the pictures up.....surely riders in Sydney have other hobbies!!!
  4. Mate, if I lived in sydney and had my divers ticket, I'd be there in a heartbeat!

    Can't wait to see the pics!
  5. It will be fantastic... National Parks and Wildlife Service are now allowing the use of flashes and strobe lights so the pictures will be something special. The flashes used to scare them off, but either the sharks are accustomed to visitors now or NPWS are getting soft.
  6. love to join you Belle, but I need a new attachment or else i'll be swimming in circles.
  7. I will tow you down to the sharks and then you can fin ride one of them around!! Who wants to see a picture of that?!?
  8. I've dpent countless hours over the years sitting on a surfboard looking for sharks in the water and I'm always thrilled when I don't see any. :? :LOL:

    Yes I know a grey nurse is harmless but nonetheless if they like the feeding grounds then I'm sure word gets around to those other, less friendly bastards. :)
  9. Hey Bel,

    Definitely keen on this as I haven't been out in quite a while (since my buddy - wife - had a bit of a scare).

    Who is the dive organised through, and does this price include tank hire? If not, then I will have to organise my own.
  10. I will PM you all the details
  11. PM received. I will check with a few people as they are keen to get back into it as well and let you know.