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Scuba diving..anyone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pltan33, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Was wondering if anyone will be interested for a diving trip at mornington in the first week of December? In particular, anyone who wants to take their Advanced Diving Certificate will be able to do so as well on that weekend at $349... :grin:..this include three shore dives and two boat dives and all equipments that need to be hired.. :wink:

  2. Hi I am diver. No need for me to do my quals, already an instructor etc. But if ever you need a dive buddy then shout out.

    Dive most weekends and school holidays.
  3. Hey there,

    I've been wanting to do an open water course (4 or 5 days, not fussed) but haven't, so advanced diving is obviously out of the question. However, can any of you suggest a reputable company to do the open water course with? Ie. not overpriced, good reputation, goes to 'interesting' destinations. I'm from Qld, so I should've done it when I was there - as it's much prettier, but it's too late now.. :(
  4. Is it a PADI certificate? If not does it matter if the Open water certificate is?

    I haven't dived for a while would that stop me going for the advanced certificate?

    Thanks for the post.
  5. hahaha...it is really much prettier at QLD and ALOT ALOT cooler..well, most diving in Victoria goes under Dive Victoria anyway..it's just depending which company you are giving the money to..I personally haven't myself dived in Victoria (hence trying to get a group to go diving together at Rye in the next couple of weeks)..the company that I am currently looking at to do my Advanced dive course is IDC Scuba..If I don't rmb wrongly their open water course is $599..and it's over the duration of 2 weekends..I am not sure where they dive exactly but that would include the pool dives, boat dives, theory and also the equipments. PM if you wan the contact details. :grin:

    Heyo, how awhile is a while? I have a friend who is doing his Advanced together with me as well who has dived for like...2years++..I think you will be fine as long as your remember to breath through your mouth and not your nose.. :grin:

    I don't think it matters where your cert comes from, as long as it's an actual Open Water certificate. Let me know soon if you are keen on going together as well - I am planning out for the 6th December 2008 weekend. :LOL:
  6. hey slow coach.. :p nice virago you have there.. :rofl:

    pltan33 is my gf, pauline. and yes we are planning on the advanced dive course. let us know if you can help in anyway in getting cheaper deals. :D
  7. So you take the piss out of my bike and then you want a favour? :LOL:

    sorry cannot help on deals since I am not PADI or affilated to a shop. I am a BSAC instructor and dive with a BSAC club. Enjoy and have fun. If you want any advice or help then just ask.
  8. haha, no worries.. we will go get this advanced course sorted out first then we organise some diving trips.

    catch ya next tuesday!
  9. I am interested but the time might not be right.

    Honestly, I get panicky underwater. but i would like to try diving
  10. what do you mean by panicky? can you swim 50m without any floating aids?
    beside the most important thing about diving is remember to breathe as normal. dont hold breathe dont breathe too fast. else the headache from hyperventilation will make you sick. :p

    it is 2 weekend, 1st weekend with all the pool and theory stuff and 2nd weekend is the actual diving. $599 with all gears included. gather a few others more and i think we can talk to them about prices. :D
  11. I can swim. I sed to beable swim for at least 1k. but I am not a good swimmer.

    when underwater, I feel like there are things around me.
    $600 is a bit too much for me to spend at the moment. laterz
  12. Try Diving HQ in High St, Prahran, near Williams Rd. I did my original licence with them 30 years ago, they're still around and still run by the same family. They offer SSI accreditation, not PADI - but thats no great issue as both are acceptable anywhere you might reasonably want to go.
  13. You only have to be able to swim down (sink) or swim up (float). :LOL:

    Yes I am joking.
  14. and you must be able to BREATTTHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... :LOL:
  15. how do i know if I am able to breathe through my mouth and not my nose? :rofl:
  16. Hey pltan33,

    Yeah I've been looking at a few courses in Victoria, they all range around $599 it seems, for a 5 day course.

    There are quite a few in Qld, especially in NQ where it's beautiful, and they go up to $750 for 5 days (but liveaboard - which is awesome, being on a boat for 5 days!).

    I'm thinking about doing PADI, however does it really matter which I get? I mean, PADI is recognised everywhere in the world I guess.
  17. Well, I would pay that extra $250 to liveaboard and have clearer water in the see at NQ! :LOL: I thought the place where I am gonna dive is offering 599 was an alright deal since all equipment was included over the duration of 2 weekends - bad side is you have to find some sort of accomodation to stay over the weekend = more $$$ :cry: In Vic most nicer diving sites or wreck diving - hence the fact me and my bf are getting our advanced diving cert so we can go deeper.

    As for the PADI and SSI difference, I wouldn't say it really matters. These two are still almost universally recognise although I think PADI is indeed more famous then SSI. But honestly, it doesn't really matter, most dive shops recognise both anyway. \:D/
  18. it doesnt matter if SSI or PADI or others certification, all you need to do is to bring your diving ID card when you travel. Flash your card and you will be able to dive.

    Most importantly is that the resort, dive shop want to see that you know what you are doing before they rent equipment to you.

    Another reason of identification is for the dive shop to know your level of skill. Some countries require a divemaster to go dive along the group for safety and as guide. i know in Victoria, you can go diving alone(which is not recommended) without divemaster.
  19. Have always wanted to go diving. Living 6 hours from the sea hasn't helped any.
  20. Cameron - is that you mate?