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Scrubs is back

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fuzzy, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. The news is... Scrubs is back on TV... yay \:D/ Yes, I know, great news indeed.

    The bad news is they've put it back on in the 11.30pm time slot... d'oh. So you have to wade through heaps of crap TV during prime time just to watch something half decent :?
  2. Just watch boston legal first :tantrum:
  3. Or you could just have the first 4 seasons on DVD and watch them whenever you want...

  4. Scrubs is the best show ever.

    Whatever retarded channel is actually showing the thing would have done well to give it a decent time-slot in the first place and leave it there; so many more people would watch it.

    8pm, 11:30pm, 10:30am???

    I buy the DVD's - no ads, and they can be watched at reasonable times. Stoopid TV excecs.
  5. Monday nights, with the season opener being last night (March 12th) .. to save anyone else wondering and doing a search :)
    Anyone record it by any chance, missed it :(
  6. I've only got Season 4 on DVD, I'll have to hunt down the rest. All the slapstick and classic one liners you could ever need in one compact package :wink:

    Sorry, Jason, I didn't tape it :cry: And, yeah, phizog I do watch Boston Legal first, in fact I probably would've missed Scrubs if I hadn't been watching BL as I didn't realise it was coming back on... phew, that was close :shock:
  7. I love scrubs too. I might download this season I've bought up to season 4 on DVD and you really notice how much the ads annoy you after being able to watch straight thorugh. I love channel 7 on monday nights.
    There's also another crazy show on after scrubs called Huff. Last week the lawyer (Oliver platt) was doing coke of his girlfriends boobs. What a crazy show, so surprised it gets on at all :shock: :LOL:
  8. Hey, Jace. I caught the first couple of minutes of Huff, but didn't stay up for it as I didn't really know the show... I'll watch it next week and tell you what I think :grin:
    I used to watch (and love) Arrested Development with Jason Bateman et al, it was on in the slot after Scrubs 1 or 2 seasons back. Funneee stuff :LOL: :p
  9. What season are they showing? I've seen up to episode 8 of season 6 already, so i want to know if it's worth staying up till nearly midnight to watch
  10. I'm pretty sure it's season 6, so may as well get an early night :wink:
  11. You could always just download them off the net.

    A mate has downloaded all of Scrubs, My Name is Earl (in correct order) & Top Gear (incl the most recent UK series).

    No ads and only costs you monthly download taking a hammering.

    Oh, did I mention it's probably illegal :wink:
  12. 'twas a good one last night, very clever and funny too :LOL: Scrubs never fails to please :grin:
  13. Yup - friend downloaded them all, and i'm now half way through season 3.

    Will be past what's on the TV soon enough :grin:
  14. We just tape the stuff we want to watch, and watch it during "prime time" when nothing worth watching is on.
    Try it, it's very liberating.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I was watching this last night i was like WTF is going on! :LOL: :LOL: the theme was musical :LOL: :LOL: never seen it like that b4 LOL.
  16. yeah scrubs is awesome, i keep telling my missus that her personality reminds me of Carla (Turks wife). i usually get a really scary look or a punch in the face.