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Scrubbing in tyres???

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by streetmaster, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Not sure if this should go in Maintainance & Servicing or Jokes!!!!

    One way to get rid of those chicken strips!! :rofl:

  2. no joke, good thing to do when you buy new tyres
  3. For racing or in general.
  4. Yup for real and works..
  5. What were the other scrub methods?
  6. Go out and ride the bike, go around some corners, and then give it some stick.

    Works for me.
  7. Man thats allot of tyre scrubbing methods.

    Ive actually started doing this just to scruff things up a bit and give me an excuse to oil the chain while its up on the stands.

    This isnt an easy way to get rid of chicken strips, road wear and this is quite different and noticable.
  8. Anyone who has smaller chicken strips than me probably does this in their garage on weekends. I don't care what anyone says. [-(
  9. A quick wipe with mild thinners then ride it or just ride it that usually works me and is far more fun than using a brick in the garage .. maybe hes worried about leaning it over incase it falls over . either that or worried about getting stick from his mates for chicken strips like an
    A380 runway :)
  10. Just do a fig 8 or two. Putting them through heat cycles does more for the tyre than any scrub
  11. If you are experienced a ride on gravely roads does more to scrub them than anything
  12. that's how i shower
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  13. He uses the door mat as a face cloth
  14. ...isn't that Jap from NR?

    Pretty sure he was scrubbing his cut slicks for race day at Broadford. Was pretty damp up at Broadford, so scrubbing in those would have been hard while pushing it through the corners.
  15. Exactly Phong.

    Clearly some people who posted here do not understand racing and the fact that you have to be straight into it, on the pace from the get go. Spending time scrubbing in tyres for 2 or 3 laps cuts into qualifying/ practice sessions, especially at a damp Broadford like the weekend past.

    I've used a sandpaper strap and ran the tyre to scrub mine in.

    The brick idea was passed on from JohnnyO, as advice from one racer to another, as we don't have 150kms to scrub a tyre in.
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  16. I just thought it weird!
    So, how would you go about scrubbing the fronts in for racing??
    Street wise, I just wipe the tyres down with Prepsol & I'm good to go :D
  17. Hah!

    Good question!
  18. The same with sandpaper for me. We have things called 'stands' which remove the wheel from the ground, so you can spin it around. Takes a bit longer but it works.

    Jap's front was already one or two meetings old, so didnt have to bother.

    Any other questions.......????? :bannanabutt:
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  19. If that was number 365, what are the other 364?