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Screen name V's Realname

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Foxy, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Ok, so we've had the discusion "why did you choose your screen name" and the "do you name your bike" and we've probably had this one too, but what is your real name?

    Foxy = Matt
    VTRBob = BOB
    emjaye = MJ
    Ashes = Brian
    FalomVTR = Stew
    Midnight = Dave
    Lil = Annaliese (Lil)
    Fly = Judy
    Uni = Rob
    Russ = Russ
    Mizz ZZR = Karen
    MLC = Mark
    groberts = glen
    csls22 = Lisa
    vOOdsy = Hui
    Flipper = Deb
    Gilesie = Rob
    Fidelio = Ben
    TrenShadow = Dan
    zx6pac = Orlando
    Kez Across = Kerri (kerri-fartina Acrosshasthemonopolous)
    Androo = Andrew
    matt232 = matt
    Lids = Lidia (and here I was thinking it was a reference to helmets :))
    Crotchrocket = Chris
    Roderz = Rodney
    Plummet = Brian
    bcskidog = Scott
    voyager = Steve
    Fixed = David
    Martyh = Marty
    Splash = Neil
    thejewishone = Nathan
    Bond Girl = Sue
    NovaCoder = Nova
    Monty = Julie
    SteveBrouggy = Steve Brouggy
    Big Ears = Mark
    Jimi = Hugh
    DK = Dan

  2. UM ...... VTRBob ? let me think just a few mins


    Robert.....!!! WTF are you doing in your room with that girl ?

    oh i remember now ! my REAL name is Robert ( thanks mum )

    But i've been Bob for so long now

    8-[ :D :p :D
  3. emjaye = mj :p

    only cos i dont want my real name up here for every one to see :D
  4. Ashes = Brian

    Ashes/Brian whatever
  5. FalomVTR = Stew


    P.S. my name is on the end of every post I make so not much of a mystery I know. No, my name is not Falom.
  6. midnight=mid........
  7. Well, Lil is how I've been known by my family for a LONG time (actually Lilly Pilly or Lily) and everyone else I know since I left school has learnt that I prefer Lil. Funnily enough, though, I still answer the phone as Annaliese :? :-s

    :D :D :D
  8. names

    Fly ... cos my daughter is maggott

    Judi ...cos that is what my parents called me ... wish it wasn't ... would prefer something like ....???
  9. Uni=Rob...

    Uni is my nickname, anyone who knows me well knows its origins.

    my bikes name is Gurty coz its gutless... still good for gettin sideways tho ;) :LOL:

  10. russ = ... :roll:
  11. Mizz ZZR = Karen/ Kaz/ Kazza/ Biatch from Hell/ Smartass/ Treasure/ Mini/ Petal/ Mate/ Shortass/ Short Stuff/ BABE/ Biker Biatch /Buxom Wench .... whatever....

    Shall I go on?
  12. Is there any way of stopping you :p Running and ducking for cover now.

    MLC = Mark
  13. groberts = glen
    most expletives under the sun
  14. Lil is actually Annaliese....you've obviously worked out why I changed it to Lil!! Annaliese is too difficult for most people to deal with!!!!

    :D :D :D
  15. After all this time that i have known u i find out ur name is glen . I just used what Nicky always called u .

    A useless old son of a b$&^tch . Hmmmmm i prefer that to glen .
  16. csls22 = Lisa :D
  17. vOOdsy = Hui (chinese name)
  18. Flipper = Deb...or if I am in trouble, Mum calls me Debbi :roll: (and NO, there is and has never been an E at the end of my name :p)
  19. Gilesie ( pronounced Jilesy) = Rod

    bloody english names!!!!!!!!
  20. Fidelio = Ben
    Let's see if this works :b en hehehe