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Screen for CBF250 - Potential Products and Fitment Questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Captain115, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    So recently I've really gotten into the idea of buying one of the older model big-bore thumpers for cheap and repairing it myself, since now I know a bit about bikes, and then using it for a bit of adventure riding. This would be cheap(ish) as the bike wouldn't be that expensive, parts are easily available and most models have strong aftermarket support (check out the amount of oversized pistons and sleeves that are made for XR's for example) and I've found I really enjoy working/fixing motorcycles. Both the process and as a a hobby; not just fixing it because something broke.

    Looking at air-cooled singles such as.....

    Actually, this is getting way off topic so I might start a separate thread in the ADV/touring subforum to talk about that aspect of my thread. Instead, until I can actually find, buy, fix and ride the aforementioned bike of my (current) dreams I'll be making do with my CBF250. Lately I've been going on some large rides such as down to the NSW/QLD border ~250km round trip, which I've thoroughly enjoyed. However, necessity is a large part of practicality and although people might say "you can't do that on a 20hp naked 250" and obvious I can, it is not super pleasant. Sure, lying on the tank as the trucks go past me does stop me getting hit in the chest by wind but even the constant light wind really fatigues me quickly.

    So, my long winded question is this: can I get a screen for my 2006 Hondas CBF250?
    It must be cheapish since I would only be using it for highway riding which is only every now and then. I found quite a few on fleaBay for about $60 and most of them share it with CBF500's and CBF600's, which I'm not sure if we got here. But the shipping from the UK is killer, so I was hoping someone could direct me somewhere cheaper?



    Also, would screens for VTR250's, CB250F Hornets, CB250's, etc (ie other nake Honda's with the round headlight) fit my bike? I mean it doesn't need to be pretty, just work.

    Also, is there anything that could make it a little more comfortable? Obviously at 100km/h it is around 7k RPM which brings intense amounts of vibrations up the pegs, but hey I'm a young guy so I can get used to that (Trick Tip#72: move your feet around to spread the pins and needles all over). Don't really want to change sprockets if I don't have to, so maybe some more rubberized pegs?


  2. How tall are you? Generally, the small fly screens like the ones you've linked to will do more for your bike’s looks than its ability to protect you from the wind. For long distance freeway work, you’ll benefit more from one of the larger screens designed for touring. But if you’re too tall, you may still have to duck forward quite a bit to be protected by it, especially since it will otherwise direct the airflow into your face. Plus, on a 250 (particularly a fairly low-powered one), the big screens do slow you down a bit.

    A lot of windscreens designed for naked bikes are intended to be more or less universal. They mount on either the headlight brackets or the handlebars and fork tubes. The latter kind is more likely to fit without problems, but manufacturers’ websites normally provide a list of bikes that each screen is suitable for.

    Here’s a few suggestions from the main manufactures that might suit your purpose:

    National Cycle F-15 Tour:
    43.1 cm tall.

    I’ve got this one on my bike at the moment. It wasn’t an easy fit by any measure –it required fabricating some extra brackets to sit between those provided and the headlight brackets. Plus, being a large shield mounted only at the headlight, it tends to vibrate like hell. I added an extra brace connecting to two brackets provided together, which eliminated this problem. So overall a good product that performs admirably, if you’ve got the time to make some modifications. About $160 deliver from MCAS.

    Puig Ranger:

    No firsthand experience, but I’m planning to swap the F-15 Tour with this one soon. There are a few reasons I expect it to be better: it’s taller, so should provide better wind protection. It mounts from four points, so vibration shouldn’t be a problem. You can get them in the $160 range, delivered.

    Give A600:
    Quite a popular screen. I think Hornet had one on his old CB600F, might be able to give some feedback.

    Anyhow, hope this helps. I’d suggest getting on the National Cycles, Puig and Givi websites and checking out the wide range that they have.
  3. Thanks jack_1313, I didn't really know anything about screens so it's good to learn that those smaller ones are pretty useless, especially cause I sit quite upright so the wind would have to travel quite high.

    But as you mentioned, this would slow me down a bit. At the moment I can maintain about 110 if there isn't a massive headwind, anything above that is pretty dicey so overtaking is out of the question. Doesn't really matter to me, as long as I can cruise along in more comfort thanks to the screen, but however much would one slow me down do you think? I mean I'm sure it'd be difficult to judge but maybe 10km/h? Less?

    Puig actually has screens that are my for my model which is awesome (the 'Windy' model looks good), not sure how many points they mount onto the bike with though. Didn't even think about the vibrations to be honest, and with the already significant vibrations of the single, I can imagine it might be quite bad. Still better than being buffeted around by the wind though.

    The Givi one also looks good, nice and tall which is probably pretty good as it would allow me to sit more upright. If hornet or others who hae used this would like to comment it would be much appreciated.

    So all in all, a great amount of info jack_1313. Screens should be taller, may slwo the bike down, and should be mounted at as many points as possible to redcue vibrations?

    Cheers for the reply,

  4. It’s hard to make an accurate assessment of how much the shield will impact your speed. I’ve got mine attached to a Hornet 250, which is an inline four and thus puts out almost twice the raw power of your CBF250. When I installed it, I really felt that it my acceleration was slowed a little, especially on windy days, but it’s hard to know for sure. The absence of the huge rush of air pelting my torso might have made me feel like I was accelerating slower, not to mention any placebo-type effect. I’d need to pull the screen off and take the bike out a few times to get a better idea. The angle will make a difference, too. If the shield is angled enough that it allows are to flow over the bike more freely that your upper body does, I suppose it could cancel out the extra weight that you are adding to the front of your bike?

    I didn’t notice a difference in regards to freeway speeds, but the same applies: I’d have to rip mine off and ride naked for a week to know for sure.

    The screens that Puig list for your bike are actually universal screens – they’re just showing you that they are definitely compatible. The Windy screen looks nice, but standing at 31.5 cm above the headlight, it’s not a large screen. It only mounts from the headlight bracket, but that’s fine for a screen of that size. Have a look at this picture to get some idea of the amount of protection it might provide (note that the rider looks to be quite short too).

    For me, it wouldn’t be much help because I’m too tall. Some of the Puig distributors’ websites are a bit funny – you can find their larger touring-style screens under “Custom” rather than the “Windscreens for motorcycles” section.

    For the sake of comparison, here’s a few shots of a rider with the 43cm F-15 tour (see my post above – probably doesn’t suit your needs due to difficulty of installation/removing).

    The bigger screens look a bit daggy on small bikes – just another thing to consider.

    Anyhow, hope this helps.