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Screamin Demon for Honda CBR250R

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Daytona, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have been looking at getting this following pipe:
    It says it is for the MC22 and I have the MC19 and I am not sure if there is a difference in pipe size? Also I do believe that my exhaust needs to be cut off as there is no bolts so being a complete simpleton at mechanics as my skills lye elsewhere I require some help and info. If I would go and get the exhaust cut off would it be simple enough for myself to install and would it require any other work to the motor etc? I have been asking around but to no avail as of yet so any help would be great thanks.

  2. You'd probably best ask the seller, or look/ask on one of the dedicated 250RR forums. It says it's direct swap with the original on the model it's specifically made for, so already from what you say, there appears to be a difference.

    There are some very cheap cans (and other stuff) being made in China, some OK and plenty not so much.

    I'd look a bit more at some of the cheaper offerings from better known makers (like Ixil) and expect to pay a bit more. Since you seem to need to get work done to get your original pipe off, you ought to be able look at a few more options, maybe just the muffler and have a link pipe made by the same place where you might as well have the mod done.

    You might also take the other option of finding another stock can cheap and having it modded internally (like getting it debaffled), which some people or places can do.
  3. I managed to get a response from a mechanics quite quickly who said it should be fine otherwise to head in and they can do it for a fee of course lol.

    Ixil are made by Screaming Demon I do believe. Mainly because they are both on the screaming demon website lol.

    Hadn't thought about looking for another stock one and modding it a bit, thanks.
  4. A mate has a demon on his Ninja 250R - it sounds terrible.
    Very loud, very annoying tinny sound.
    IMO - leave it alone - no road-fairing 250 sounds good with a pipe.

    Just my 2c
  5. Check out http://cbr250.com/forum/ loads of Aussie's cruise the forum and a quick search of 'exhaust' brings up half a dozen pages of results, quiet a few are about modding the exhaust.
  6. #6 Daytona, Dec 15, 2011
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    I think because the motors are different it may sound different? I'm no mechanic lol so I could be way off haha. Hoping it would sound similar to this
    My bike is the single R not the double RR but still hoping it could sound like that.
  7. Kinda what the Ninja sounds like - sorry but it really is not nice.

    Again, just my 2c

    On re-watching the youtube clip linked - the Ninja may actually sound a little deeper than that which I think is a good thing.....
    However I really do think you should leave the pipe alone
  8. **** that, the 250cc Japanese four cyls are incredible sounding bikes. Ninja 250 is a parallel twin and sounds like shit, so do the new 250 singles (CBR250R/Megelli). However, do be aware that they are LOUD as hell
  9. I beg to differ. It helps to have a properly designed pipe though -

  10. If people put their 2c in then thats a lot of info for free :p
    I have a mate who had a 2008 250 Ninja with a full Yoshi setup and sounded quite nice and my bike only really hear anything when your either changing gears around the 14k rpm or its slowing down through the gears and around you is quite lol. I find that sometimes it's hard to hear over the wind which is why I think that if I got something even a bit louder it could help. (emphasis on 'could').
    I guess seeing as I haven't actually heard nor seen another model like mine with a aftermarket pipe I can't really grasp the sound apart from videos but they can be soooo misleading.
    I would of course keep the current pipe so if it did sound really bad or tinny or just crap then I could swap it back.
  11. or no pipe at all :D

    Can't say that doesn't sound quite nice..
  12. got one of these pipes for my cbr250rr.

    took it off, shit sound.

    obnoxiously loud.
  13. Isn't the whole obnoxiously loud the idea? :p
  14. Yeah, from what I've seen there seems to be nothing in between for the 4cyls. The stock Hornet exhaust is ridiculously quiet but every aftermarket exhaust is deafening... :(
  15. Just stay stock on the CBR250R. They are finicky to work on for anything else other than external modifications and are set up quite nicely from the factory... assuming nothing much has been changed by previous owners.

    I ran mine with stock can and it sounded great - reasonably meaty sound under 10k and a nice F1-ish whine up to the 18k redline. Doesn't get much better than that on the road.

    If you're after performance... its not going to do much at all. The little four is already pushing 45hp from 250cc - thats the same as (or better than) the current superbikes at 180hp per litre of displacement.

    Just ride and enjoy her.

    Cheers - boingk
  16. The ninja 250r sound quite funny with most slipons, makes it sound like a dirt bike. Most videos on youtube are of the bike stationary revving its and sound totally different again while under load.