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scratches on new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Amos1234567890, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Hi, not sure where to post this, but here goes.
    So yesterday I purchased my first lams approved bike (fz6r), and I realized that there are really small scratches on the tank fairings, the side of the handle bars, and when I looked closely I realized that the left side of the front directional lights were popped out and not in place, so I gave it a push to pop it back into place, I asked the dealers for another one which is the same model as well, but they told me they can't???. My question is why can't they let me change one since it hasn't been ridden at all, and I haven't even paid the money at that time, and could the dealers maybe pushed the bike over and dropped it, which explains the scratches?. On the other hand, after.I paid the money, I did not get any proof or receipt at all, and they told me it would be delivered with the bike. Just want to know what are your thoughts on this. I brought the bike in sydney,bikebiz yamaha,its near Parramatta and I think their customer service really sucks. Thanks you for reading my long description. RIDE SAFE!

  2. If it is new it should look like new. Push the point with them.
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  3. If you don't get anywhere with the dealer, try the manufacturer.
  4. I'd be pushing back. You paid for new, you should get new and undamaged. Call and ask for the Dealer Principle.
  5. Mention of intent to write to the Ombudsman gets people to listen.
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  6. Ask for your deposit back. You do have a cooling off period. Otherwise call consumer affairs to find out you rights.
  7. Did you buy the bike unseen? They're obviously playing the 'buyer beware' card but you can do all these things that have been stated. They could be scratches from dill-head tyre kickers that have to pretend they're riding a stationary bike, moving it around the showroom. people leaning up against it...all sorts really.

    But yeah, you can push back.
  8. if your not happy as stated by others push back, if its new and their is a cooling off option just walk back in say that your going to exercise that option and want your money back if they give you any B/S tell them you off to consumer affairs.

    For extra bonus points and fun turn on the record function on your phone and record it all.
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  9. Thanks all for replying, just received the bike today and it looks brand new, but there is just small scratches, not sure if I wanna keep it or do like what u guys mentioned, hmm
  10. and I am positive they tried to mask the small chipped paint on the handle bar
  11. If you've taken possession, then it's yours now. You've accepted the visual condition of the bike.
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  12. If your not happy with the bike or it has damage pre-delivery get it photographed and documented, insist on them writing in a repair window (within 1 month) before signing for it.
    Sometimes bikes get dropped and scratched during manufacturing or on the final assembly/test ride.
  13. Thanks all for the replies, appreciate it, have a merry christmas ;):D
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  14. IMO, no. A new bike should be in "as new" condition. The dealer should make good.
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  15. If I have already signed n they delivered the bike to my house, can I make an exchange or refund
  16. I am afraid exchange or refund now will be a problematic affair.
    Looking at your first post you did not take the cool off option and, then, accepted the delivery.
    Think ahead now. There will be scratches and wear and tear when you use the bike. So, don't be so precious about the scratches now and take if for a spin!
  17. No
  18. Post some pictures of these so called marks your so concerned about!
  19. Most lams riders bin there bikes so the marks will blend in with the rest ;)