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Scratches on carbon fibre

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by BJ, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. DSC00055.

    Hard to tell in the pic but there are several scratches on my carbon fibre exhaust can.
    It's hard to tell but i dont think they have reached the carbon just scratched the resin. Only one is fairly deep that may have reached the carbon.
    Can these be fixed by cutting? ie with a usual car polish type.
    Can i use wet/dry paper and what compound if any?
    Anyone had much experience with buffing carbon fibre?
    They arn't that noticable but just annoying cause i know they are there... any help muchly appreciated.

  2. Yeah the resin on C/F is basically just your everyday epoxy and can definately be sanded and polished (even filled if need be). Rough guide is that if the scratches are deep enough to be felt by a fingernail then you'll probably need to start with a 400 grit wet dry and work through progressively finer grades (each time you change grit change the direction of sanding if possible so you can see when you've removed the scratches from the previous sanding). If the scratches are finer then you might be able to get away with starting on an 1800 grit or finer. After sanding you'll still need to polish to get to a glossy finish. You can specialised stuff for this (ie stuff designed for polishing fish tanks or CDs) - however toothpaste followed by car polish should still work reasonably well. It's all a matter of how much time (and money) you want to spend and just how "perfect" you want the finish to be.
  3. Honestly dont worry about it, like many people who use these forums say "wear your battle scars with proud"

    Your pic is pretty zoomed in so no one will see when your moving. Good luck
  4. ehhe

    It's not my battlescar though :(
    would be funny though fix it then i finally drop it and do the same :grin: *touch wood*
  5. Hi all, I see this is quite an old post but it's relevant to me so I’m chirping in and hoping someone will have some insight for me…

    I just bought a second hand carbon fibre slip-on exhaust (Musarri) for my Ninja 300. It had a bit of a scratch on it already from the rear foot peg of the guy's bike. We have the same bike so naturally, my rear foot peg covers the scratch perfectly and at the moment, the scratch doesn’t bother me at all. The problem I now face, is that I want to remove my rear foot pegs, which will leave that scratch visible. Will a buffer get this out or sandpaper and do you like my chances or does that look too deep? The scratch does look a bit white, I’m hoping that’s just the resin and not the actual carbon fibre. I suppose I’m going to attempt it anyway but would love to hear anyone else’s opinions.

  6. We had a damaged carbon can from a drop on grass, it'd only sustained scratches. It was easily repaired by sanding the resin down and applying a 2 pack clear coat. It continued to be used for many thousands of kilometres without any issues.