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Scratched visor, anything I can do about it?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by HARV3Y, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. :evil:

    stupid me.

    Day 2 in the life of my new tinted visor and i've managed to scratch it. Straight down the middle in my line of sight. Is there any thing I can do to make it a little less visible? It's not a very deep scratch but I have to look straight through it when riding.

    ta, Renee
  2. Renee, you could try 'polishing' it out with toothpaste, although if the scratch is too deep you'll only make it lighter, not remove it altogether.
  3. this involves just rubbing toothpaste into it with a cloth? nothing fancy, no room to make it any worse than as is? nah it's not very deep at all. cheers
  4. Yep, just a small amount, and dilute it with a little water first. If the scratch doesn't respond to diluted toothpaste, just use a little bit neat, as you would with a cutting compound polish on a car.....
  5. Paul's suggestion is good. You can also use automotive cutting compound for paint, and also finer polishing compounds also designed for car paints. Any tin of polish labelled cut and polish will work given enough time.
    You can also rub out very coarse scratches with fine wet and dry paper, but on a visor, I would be concerned about optical problems with removing lots of plastic in one localised area.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Brasso
  7. Is the scratch bad? Yes? Insert hand into back pocket, liberate wallet from pants. Exchange yellow plastic for new visor.
    Take old visor and keep as back up/pillion visor.
    No? Try peanut butter.

    But seriously all the other suggestions are good as well.
  8. Make sure the toothpaste isn't a gel one. :LOL:
  9. Bogus i SO would have made that mistake! ahah thank you, you may have just saved my visor lol

    Thanks all!! except maybe scrambles, i said it wasn't deep grr TD quotes make bad jokes forgiven :p haha
  10. yep, brasso will do the trick.

    i use to polish out light to medium scratches on acyrlic cases. worked rather well.
  11. Sorry to drag up an old thread, but I scratched my visor today. Not Happy Jan, as I only bought this visor (replacement) 6 weeks ago. :mad:

    Anyways, would this Brasso work on a clear non-tinted visor too? Just want to make sure I'm using the right stuff, otherwise I'll have to shell out 60 or whatever PS charges for one. :mad:
  12. What he said .. Must be a Paul thing. :grin: Also try a very light cutting polish. Meguaires make what they call a paint cleaner, that works well, but like Hornet said, if its too deep forget it.
    I use irridium visors and go through one a year. I am so fussy with them but they just mark so easy..
  13. I would be asking whether or not the visor itself is tinted or it just has a film - you may not be able to get visors with just tinted film, I don't know - but if you can then I would check first. Last thing you want to do is accidentally remove all the film. hahahaha.
  14. If the visor has film (Laminated) you are in stook. If not, look Avial up in the phone book, they sell a kit for polishing flaws out of perspex (Clear acrylic). You need to work the polishes over a reasonable area to avoid making a lens as Typhoon said. I have used it to get scratches out of passenger windows in aircraft. It works fast & is so good the finished repair can be smoother than the original.. Oh... get a cost before you fang out to the airport to buy it, aircraft hardware can be pricey.