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Scratched My baby

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mstamos, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I scratched the back tyre fender with the f&8%ing paniers. Well more than scratched - the paint has been worn off in a semicircular pattern. Can anyone tell me if there are people that can replace/fix the fender around the Moorabbin area - bike is a Hyosung Aquila .

  2. Live with it, keep an eye on the wreckers if you want if fixed (but make sure you know what it's worth to fix it with genuine/a painter). Use gaffa tape.
  3. thnaks - I had a look today (couldn't bring myself to do it yesterday - it's not that bad - but I will look at wreckers - are there bike wreckers I should look up?
  4. Just leave it till you want to sell the bike???
  5. I can't recommend one, maybe keep an eye on the comics ('Trader' type mags) or just ask when you pass one by. But know your price because many wreckers know how to charge. You have the advantage that it's not urgent.
  6. Thanks people - you are great - I cleaned up the bike and the damage is not that bad. It's visible but I can live with it until I sell the bike or find a cheap guard to replace this one. I also had a look at the guard in terms of removal - its not that hard so all this will cost me is a replacement guard eventually

    thanks for your suggestions.
  7. Could get it painted and re-stickerisated when it comes to sell time?

    Had the same *&%$ feeling when the rack bag etched into the paint when I was carrying a heavy uni project in it.
    Learnt that lesson, just get a spare scrap of book contact (the good-not-99c-a-roll-stuff), cut it to size, and clean and lay it on the high point of the ducktail, as a sacrificial surface. Mine's been there for a year alredy without needing to be replaced.
  8. damage to a loved bike 'big or small' sux's big time , do what you must to make you :grin: again ..
  9. Go get yourself some 3M protective material so it doesnt get any worse. You will be able to pick it up from Autobarn or one of those shops i would say. If not Preston Motors sells it on a roll about 50mm wide by what ever length. Hope this helps.. Its not cheap but works great..