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Scratched engine casing - Please help!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by alexk, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I recently had a low speed crash into the dirt with my speed triple and i've scratched and scuffed the engige casing on the left had side. I took the bike to Peter Stevens and was told that i would need to replace the casing or sand it all back and re-paint it. Is this true or can i touch it up some how? I know it's not going to perfect if i touch it up but good enough is all i'm after.

    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. I have the exact same issue as you except I didn't drop my bike but some fkwit decided to merge in to me but somehow I managed to keep control of the tank slapper and remain upright. Lucky I was atgatt and my boot took the brunt of the impact.

    Anyway what PS said is correct you have 2 options.

    1) Get a replacement casing which will cost about $300 plus labour plus the oil which needs to be drained and refilled bringing the cost to around $500 or
    2) Take it to any old panel beater get it sanded back and painted which will cost about $100-200.

    I've decided to leave mine there to remind me to be more careful when riding and to anticipate danger.
  3. Thanks ResmeN. I just thought it would cost a lot more to have it painted for some reason. The damage is minor but considering the bike is 2 weeks old the thought crossed my mind lol.
    Good idea, I might keep mine there to remind myself i'm not Rossi
  4. +1 I'd leave it for the time being and either get it fixed if something else happens or when you sell it.
  5. factor in if it's obvious your resale will suffer. So from where you stand now, it might cost you $500 to fix, but when you sell it it'll cost you $500 anyway.

    Really depends how bad it is and what you are willing to live with.
  6. For those who do scratch their casings that are just an alloy finish. Mr mag wheel repairer. They specialize in this and do a fantastic job. For a lot less than replacing the casing and gaskets. Most times they can do it while its still on the bike. Get them to check for hair line fractures too.
  7. Sand, bog fill and paint it yourself, save a bucket load.
  8. stay out of the dirt and this what happen lol
  9. +1, its a relatively straightforward fill and paint, you can fill and sand while its still on the bike and you can spray it next time you are due an oil change
  10. What exactly do they do Brett? Build up the metal using a specialist welder and then polish back?
  11. Keep an eye on eBay, too. I got a new stator cover for my bike for about $60, because (presumably) someone had bought it then realized he didn't need it.

    Still haven't put it on though..
  12. I haven't taken any chunks away from the casing, just surface scratches and scuffing. I would only think it would need a light sand then paint?
  13. You could do that with it still in place if you mask before spraying, but would be easier to do a good job if you took it off.
  14. The other option is just to get a carbon case cover set, being a Triumph as well theres heaps on uk ebay for sale, that way you have some protection on both sides should it happen again...
  15. I would leave it. If you go to all the effort of repairing or pay hundreds to get it fixed, then scratch it again you won't be happy!

    Wait until you are going to sell it unless is really bothers you being there.
  16. For racing, engine cases must be covered to prevent loss of oil in the event of a crash.

    Perhaps try RACERS EDGE for their carbon fibre engine cases. Sand back the affected area so you can use SIKAFLEX to glue the case on and you're laughing.....PLUS they look HOT!


    Seems they only make them for popular race bikes so might not work doh.....
    either that or call em they might make a set for you.

    Findapart.com.au will also find parts on your behalf (usually wreckers AUS wide) so could always try them for an OEM item?