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Scratched Clearcoat

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ep121, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Ok ok... So I was a bit enthusiastic getting that goddamned glue off the tank after I peeled off the warning stickers and now I've got a patch of matt-black paint on the Hyo.

    Does anyone know if this is a DIY job and if so where i can get some clearcoat (is that actually clear as the name states or is it a coat of a specific colour that dries clear???)
    OR, where I can take the bike in Melbourne (Im in Prahran) to get the patch on the tank resprayed by a prof.?
  2. ya dont need to clear coat it, unless u ripped of all the layers of clear coat.
    Just go get some 1500/2000 grit sandpaper sand it. Then some rubbing/cutting compound then some polish/glaze/wax/MR sheen
  3. we could give it going over if you like....very simple job...we are in tullamarine
  4. Have tried waxing and buffing several times, but it still leaves a matt finish as opposed to the rest of the tank, which is gloss (clearcoat).

    Is it possible to respray a patch or does the entire tank have to get done? (if that's the case, I might as well get the Hyosung letters removed)
  5. i would use a machine on it....it will fix it
  6. yeah its barely possible to rub of by hand (i never do it by hand as i can never achive the lvl of shine i want).

    U gota use the rite polishing pad with the right cutting compund and work your way through the grades.

    I suck at doing touch up's as it usaly leaves a halo. It easier to just fix the mistake and clear coat the hole piece again.

    My adive if u cant manage take it to a detailing place, that knows how to do scratch removals and they will know how to cut and polish it properly for u. Otherwise find a car enthusiast.

    also make sure u got all the glue of with some degrease/metho/kero/petrol/degreaser
  7. I think the clear coat on them is done over the top of decals ?? If not there is obviously the fellow above here who you could PM.. Or i am fairly sure that it will clean up with the correct products.. Hmmm Meguiars.. :grin: