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scraping pegs on zzr's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pebas, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if owners of zzr250's out there find in easy to scrape the pegs on them? or do you scrape the centre more often?

  2. Depends how shagged the suspension is to be honest.
    I've scraped something whilst hanging a U-turn on a mates ZZR, and Tenoq will no doubt complain about how easy it was to scrape centrestand on his GPX.
  3. Not sure about how similar the ZZR is to the GPX in the suspension area, however being a big bloke I could scrape the pegs on my GPX and had to remember to tuck my toes otherwise I'd grind my toes on the road.
  4. I think I have scraped the center stand on the ZZR once, but can't confirm
  5. Yep, they have crap ground clearance and you have to start getting your ass over on the seat if you want to go around corners without grinding, grinding is bad if something catches and jacks the back up your in poo, so avoid it.

    But it teaches you how much difference your body positioning makes to cornering.
    If your riding fast you need to enter corners with your ass half off the seat, people may give you crap for being a poser doing this, but that is from their big bike with sufficient clearance that they wont scrape stuff if they try, or its so heavy their weight makes bugger all difference.
    If you have to tighten up and your in the seat like a bag of cement the things going to run out of lean and you are going wide (though the bike behind you gets a nice spark show, hopefully you dont hit an oncoming car and it can be laughed about later)
    On the lightweight little bike it makes a massive difference.

    Of course dont ride so fast where this becomes an issue :roll:
  6. ah yes, the gpx is great fun for peg scraping :)

    i always had the pegs scrape, not the centrestand i dont think
  7. D*mn... I'm not riding Banshee right then. I've never scraped the pegs, but I have found the edge of the tires.

    I was belting it through a small roundabout and the exit was a tighter turn than I thought. I felt her go over the edge of the tyres and come back again. Sh!t that was scary.
  8. gpx is a whole other story.. i found hard stuff started scraping before the pegs did on my friends bike :?
  9. There's no reason to aim to scrape pegs. I'd say if you're not scraping that you're riding right, not wrong. From what I've been told, the Superbike School will also tell you scraping pegs shouldn't be necessary, and is bad practice.

    Centrestand did scrape on mine, as Koma said. It happened mostly if the road was uneven as cornering - the bumps/dips compressed the suspension just that little bit too much. It happened all the time with a pillion, for obvious reasons. :p
  10. on a sportbike, definitely.. on a zzr, it would peg scrape doing u-turns at the wrong speed :p
  11. :? I ride a ZZR 250 and i have never scraped pegs or centre stand :shock: You sure you have your height/suspension settings right? :? Altho only being 5ft 1 and 48kg's could account for them not scrapping the road :roll:
  12. i've already scraped my peg on my zzr250.. an i'm still a new rider.. having probs with centre faring crapin on uneven corners.. where road is bumby.... but experimenting with body position to counter-act that... workin well so far :) and feels alot more comfortable in the corner too...
  13. By edge, do you mean when you looked at that side of the tire you could see it was scuffed right to the end or that you tipped over the edge of where it's worn flat in the middle?

    I only ask because you've got to get a bike very low in order to loose the chicken strip alltogether and at that point I would expect some peg scraping. I'm just trying to make sure I've understood what you're saying.
  14. This was excalty what happened to me, i caught, the centrestand mid corner, kicker the rear of the bike, and i think i over corrected the front either way the front end washed out on me and down i went. Me personally, is i ever had to owner another small bike like a zzr250 with a centrestand i would remove it......it might be good for working on the bike, but also can and does catch the road...

    Either way just be aware of it

    cheers stewy :)
  15. I've only had my ZZR (first bike) for a week, and i've already got my toes a couple of times.. Need to make a conscious effort to tuck them in, i haven't even been on any good rides yet, just commuting..