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Scraping noise from the front brake

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jack47, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. About a week ago I noticed when the front brake is applied on my 1997 gpx250 at low speed I hear a metallic scraping noise. I took out the brake pad and it seemed to have about 1mm of 'pad' left (I have no idea whether this is alot or a little). After I put the brake back together the scraping seemed louder.

    Anyway, do I just need to replace the brake pad or is it something else?

  2. my recommendation is to try a new pad and see how it goes
  3. ah yes.... replace the pads new ones normally have about 7-10mm of pad.

    Don't ride it any further or if you are already out on the bike, try to use the front as little as possible to get it home/mechanic's etc. as if you continue to ride it, it will end up costly alot more then just a new set of pads

    cheers stewy
  4. Does the scrape only happen at a certain position of the front wheel. If so its a warped disc.

    If its constant pad and fluid change
  5. yeah, its constant. Sometimes, when I first move the bike, I hear the scraping noise even when the brake isnt on
  6. New pads dude before you munt your discs. Discs cost around $300 each to replace.
  7. depending on the condition, he maybe beable to just get them machined, but that depends how good they are.... like the other poster said (and i didn't read the question properly)

    The way to check for a warpped disc is raise the front wheel of the ground, build a tower out of bricks next to it and place something like a ruler/knitting needle in between on of the bricks (to hold it in place) and line it up with the rotar. Then just spin the front wheel slowly and watching the end of the ruler/knitting needle and you will be able to see if the disc is warpped. and at what point.

    But yeah if your pads only have 1mm thickness left they need replacing A.S.A.P.

    Personally it sounds like when you placed the pads back in, they may not of reseated correctly, and are rubbing worse then before. What ever the problem, you need to look at it and get it fixed quickly. Brakes aren't something you wanna leave to good luck. :)
  8. I replaced the pads and now everything seems to be fine. Actually, when I said there was 1mm left it wasnt quite true. When I compared the old pads to the new pads I bought, some of the areas were completely worn to the metal. I guess that's what was making the noise.
  9. Great to hear you got it all sorted out. See you out on the road

    Cheer stewy :)
  10. if its a learner bike, and it does have a warped disc (not a gurantee, might be a build up of some stuff from worn brakepad...this is what a mechanic told me), just get new pads.

    if they dont ware down too badly, its probably cheaper to replace pads and let next owner worry about it.